Chapter 22

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3rd person POV:

Katia stepped through the dingy, metal basement door of the apartment to see Jane and Esme already sparring on an old mat.
"You're late, Katia." Esme called out, not taking her visual attention away from Jane. Before the teen had time to explain her tardiness, Esme swiftly performed a skilled move, grabbing Jane and twisting, sending the teen to the ground and for Esme to land gracefully on her feet.

"I'm sorry, I was in in the gardens-" Katia started before being cut off by Esme.
"Doing magic? Again after I told you not to?" Her tone was harsh, angry with the teen.
"I told you not to do magic in public! What if somebody saw you? Or tracked your power? Then you would be putting yourself, me and my daughter in danger! Might I remind you that you are not the only one thats being hunted here!"

"Look I'm sorry ok! Can't you just give it a rest?" Katia's voice raised slightly, her accent becoming obvious, something she tried to hide while on the run.

"You know what, no. If you are going to continue putting us in danger with this, then just leave!"
The teen quickly turned around, holding her hand out and sending a gust of wind to blow the doors open with force.
"Mum, just stop!" Jane yelled, before running out, trying to catch up with Katia outside.

"Hey, Kat, slow down!" Jane yelled after her. Katia remained walking at a swift pace,  "Katia! Stop walking away from me!"

"What?! Kat yelled, turning to face Jane. Her skin wet with tears and her eyes burning with purple light. The sight made Jane stop clear in her tracks. Her eyes wide and her face showing an expression of pure shock.

"What? Are you scared of me now? You were the only person left who isn't afraid of me." Jane remained silent. Her breathing heavy with fear. Katia's anger only grew more.
"Kat. Just, calm down ok. Don't let Void control your anger. " Jane's words were soft, stretched out by concern.

"Why? Because you want to protect yourself, I get it." Her words fuelled her anger more. Her anger added to her lack of control. The power growled in every inch of her body. She tried to hold onto the dark magic, watching the purple dance through the veins on her wrist.

"I don't want them to get you Katia. As long as I live I will not see you get put back in that place."

"With me around, I can't promise your safety. You would do best to stay away."

Jane shook her head, tears welled up in he eyes. "Don't do that. Don't isolate yourself because you're scared of your power. I know you would never hurt me."

"YES BUT I DON'T! I CAN'T GUARANTEE THAT YOU WON'T BE KILLED BECAUSE OF ME! I WOULD NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF!" around the two, ice-cold rain began to fall from the sky. Each individual drop spun with a amethyst hue.

"Katia! You can control it! You know it and so do I! Katia I love you!" Jane trended through the thick fog that settled between the two and yelled over the bellowing thunder.

Without warning, Katia snapped. She clutched her hands into glowing fists before sending it through a brick wall behind her. The bricks shattered like they were nothing but bleeding knuckles claimed otherwise.

"Jane you have to leave. They are going to Thrace this power and they are going to find me. I will not let you become a part of that." Katia's voice ran dead cold and the world stilled around them. The fog dispersed, the last drops of rain scattered, the thunder and lightening ceased to fill the air.

"Katia. You are not allowed to do this alone. I won't let you."

"Then I guess I will have to do this." Katia whispered before taking a step towards Jane.

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