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I rolled onto my other side when my phone rang again. "Ughh shut the fuck up" My hand moves to my bedside table and I press the red icon. Who the fuck has the audacity to call me in the morning. I roll over to the other side and lay back comfortably.

The phone rang again, I pick up my phone with much frustration.

"This better be important, because you ruined my fucking beauty sleep" I sigh.

"Catalina it's 11 in the morning" Belle said. I roll my eyes "And?" I hear her sigh through the phone

"You have to come and help me in the cafe, it's really busy I can't do it alone." I throw the sheets off me. "You own me one." I hang up.

I quickly put on black pants with a blue- or no green? I don't know what color it is. It is a color that resembles both. Anyways a crop top and some white sneakers.

I grab my bag and lock the door behind me. I quickly walk to work.

Yes I walk, I do have a driver's license but not enough money for a car, all my money goes to my bills, food and clothes. My work pays well but not that well. Isabelle's father has offered to pay me more, but I don't want any special treatment because I'm good friends with his daughter.

And we're not even going to get started on a bicycle. I have nothing against cycling, but cycling has something against me. Yes that's the problem. I'm never the problem.

When I was little I fell more than five times with a bike, I broke something twice and the other times my face was damaged, you can't see it anymore, luckily. Imagine if I only had one side of my face, terrible.

Oh in case you were wondering, I ate ice cream yesterday. There was a very long line at the stall so that's why they were still open. So I was lucky but unlucky at the same time, because there was a long line. But it was worth it, even though I did feel three pounds thicker after I finished my ice cream.

Let's just say that i had too much and I was nauseous all night. But I refused to puke. And guess what, I didn't.

I walk into the cafe, and as Belle said it's busy. I quickly crawl behind the bar and put on my apron. I take a damp cloth and go over the tables the people had left, so new people could sit at a clean table.

Belle thanked me in between for coming to help. She also made a comment that I was still asleep at 11 in the morning, but I've decided to ignore it for her own good.

It was finally a little quieter in the cafe. The busiest time of the day is over. Belle sat on a chair by the bar with her hand on her head. "Don't overreact, I've done most of the work." I rolled my eyes.

She looked at me with a very angry look, I didn't even know she could look so angry. "What did you just say?"

"That I came here to help you on my day off." I give a thumbs up and a small smile.

She threw her towel at me. I was just about to throw back the towel but a guy came in. I pointed two fingers at her eyes and then at mine "This isn't done yet."

"What can I get you?" I asked waiting for an answer I looked at the boy, do I know him? He looks familiar. Maybe he's famous and I know him from TV.

Before I could ask, he looked up from the menu and made eye contact. "Do I know you?" He tilted his head to the side and frowned as he thought. "Wait, aren't you the one who ran into me yesterday?"

And then I recognized him. He's the one guy that knocked me down yesterday. Wait- Actually I was the one who ran into him but I think it's a better idea to blame him.

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