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E L L I E R O S E ~

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E L L I E R O S E ~

Limo stopped in front of a Beautiful restaurant. Mason got out from the limo and gave me his hand with his beautiful smile. I smiled and slide my hand into his getting out from the limo. We walked inside the restaurant. It was beautifully decorated inside but there was no one in the restaurant except us.

"Don't tell me you reserved the whole restaurant for us" I ask as we walked in front of a Beautiful table decorated with rose flowers and candle lights.

"I did, Baby" Mason Smirk causing my eyes to grow widened. I stared at him with surprised as he gently cupped my jaw and kiss me on my lips. "I want us to be alone" he whispered. I bite down on my lip, smiling.

"Did you like it?" He asked pulling my lip out from between my teeth. "I love it, it's beautiful" I grinned at him. "I'm glad, Tesoro" he mumble kissing my head. As we took our seat, A Man walked to us with menu.

"Welcome Mr Williams and Miss Rose" He greeted us with smile. I glanced up at him and smile back. "What would you like to order?" Mason asked as I grabbed the menu. After we gave our order, Mason took my hand and placed a soft kiss on it's back looking into my eyes. I felt as my cheeks turning pink.

"I didn't knew Mason Williams could be so romantic" I giggled as a grin twitching on his lips. "It's different with you, bella" he whispered leaning in closer to my lips. I glanced at his lips slowly leaning in. As our lips touched, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I slowly broke the kiss to look into his beautiful blue eyes while he stroke my cheekbone with his thumb.

"I kn-" but I interrupted by a girl.

"Here's your order, Mr Williams" she seductively says to Mason causing me to arm crossed over my chest with frowned. I look over at Mason but he seems to pay no attention. 

"Thank you" I threw her a fake smile. She glanced at me and roll her eyes before walking away. I glanced at Mason to see him already smirking at me. 

Damn Him and his sexy devilish smirk.

"You're jealous, Baby" he says putting his hand on my thigh. I roll my eyes and looked away from him. "I'm not jealous" I replied causing him to let out a deep chuckle. Suddenly In a swift motion Maosn pulled me into his lap and crashed his lips against mine surprising me. He kissed me Aggressively as I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him back. One of his hand squeezing my thigh as our tongue dancing together. I broke the kiss trying to catch breathe and pull back to see that girl standing with anger in her eyes. Her jaw cleanched as she pour red wine in our glass. I bite down on my lip with pink cheeks and looked at Mason smiling.

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