Chapter 1

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Tessa's eyes fluttered open as she took in her surrounding

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Tessa's eyes fluttered open as she took in her surrounding. Her best friend, Elena Gilbert was sitting on the couch with her arms crossed as she glared daggers at two people she did not know.

The place reminded her of the basement, it was dark and dusty. Tessa could feel her heart pounding as the memories of her time came back to her. 

There was a girl with a pixie cut and a man that was looking at the doppelganger like she was a piece of meat. "Look who's awake," the man said as he noticed Tessa. "Why can't I eat her, the doppelicious is the one that needs to stay alive, right?"

"Control Trevor," Pixie cut rolled her eyes.

Their heads snapped to the door of the room as fear clouded Trevor's eyes.

"He's here. Let's just leave them and run. He'll kill us, Rose." 

Elena went to Tessa and grabbed her hand. She was terrified while Tessa just stood there confused and terrified. 

She was scared they had found her. She was scared all of it would happen again. She wasn't strong enough to handle it again.

In a minute, Rose came with an attractive man in a suit. He quickly sped to Elena, standing extremely close to her. 

As terrified as she was, Tessa would rather have her get hurt than her best friend. She pushed her best friend back and came between them to ensure the doppelganger's safety.

Elijah usually would have killed anyone who dared to step in his way, but he was impressed by the human's bravery and her need to protect those she cared about. 

"Hello there," he said slightly smiling at the girl. "What's your name?" he asked.

"I'm Tessa White, who the hell are you?" She replied, crossing her arms.

"I'm Elijah. It's lovely to meet you, Miss White. I give you my word I will not hurt your friend there, but I need to check something." He said ushering her to the side. For some reason Tessa believed him, she could see honesty in his eyes.

Elijah got close to Elena and breathed her scent. Elena felt a small sense of triumph being the center of attention again. She was a popular girl, who now had two vampires fighting for her. She was a good person, but she reveled in the attention she got from people and always craved more.

"Human, that's impossible." he breathed out.

"Well, actually it isn't. Kat had a baby before she left Bulgaria. Her asshole of a father took the baby girl and gave her away." Tessa stated.

Katherine had trusted the young girl very quickly, which was shocking even to her. Tessa had that aura around her, it made you want to be with her, just to be close to her and trust her and tell her everything.

"Kat? Since when are you friends with Katherine?" Elena demanded.

"She's not a completely bad person, Elena. She had her reasons."

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