8. DNA

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When Anna woke up, she was surrounded by a warm feeling of being wanted, and she vaguely remembered having a similar feeling during yesterday's concert. She also felt happy. Why am I waking up happy? Maybe I had a good dream, she thought.

Then Anna realised that the last thing she remembered was being at the BTS concert. Oh no, she thought as it all came rushing back. She had stepped into the room to find seven pairs of eyes staring at her. Her head had felt fuzzy as a rush of emotions slammed into her. She frowned at the memory. What happened? 

"Hyung, I think she's waking up," whispered Jimin.

Anna froze as she heard someone speaking in Korean next to her. That sounded like... but it can't be, she thought. Slowly she opened her eyes to find an angel above her. Anna wasn't religious, but this stunningly beautiful man couldn't be anything other than a gift from God. After staring at each other for a while, Anna realised that this was real. Jimin of BTS was right in front of her.

"Wow," she unknowingly said out loud.

Anna watched as Jimin's eyes narrowed into slits as he smiled widely at her. Did I just say that out loud?

"Anna?" called Namjoon.

Her eyes darted away from Jimin and towards the sound of her name. She blushed when she saw Namjoon sitting on a chair next to her with an amused expression. As she sat up on the sofa, Anna didn't notice Jimin's hand hovering over her as she did.

"How do you feel?" the leader asked in English.

"Uh, I'm fine," she replied. Anna glanced around to find that both Idols were watching her intently. She ducked her head. "Umm, I'm sorry for causing you trouble. Thank you for looking after me. I'll, err, leave now."

Anna stood up to leave and gave an awkward bow of her head towards the two Idols.

"Do not... go," pleaded Jimin with his limited English vocabulary. "Please?"

Startled by hearing him speak in English, Anna looked over at Jimin and was instantly disarmed at the expression on his face which could be described as puppy eyes.

"Stay?" he asked.

"Okay," she answered, unable to deny him.

Jimin gestured for her to sit back down on the sofa before sitting next to her. He was smiling so wide that Anna couldn't help but smile too.

"Pretty," he murmured in Korean, but Anna happened to know this word. She felt herself blush again and she turned away from Jimin, looking down at her lap again. This must be a dream. Park Jimin did not just call me pretty, she thought. Anna decided to pinch herself to make sure. "No! No. Do not..." he tried to say something in English but didn't know the right words. "Don't hurt yourself!" he finished in Korean.

Anna was surprised at Jimin's outburst but didn't understand what he had said in Korean, so she looked to Namjoon for translation.

"He said, don't hurt yourself," he told her.

"Huh? Oh! I, uh, I thought I was dreaming," admitted Anna.

Namjoon chuckled at her confession and Anna hid her face in her hands. She could hear talking. Namjoon was most likely translating what she had said to Jimin.

"Not...Not..." Jimin tried again in English, before asking for help. "Namjoon-Hyung, what's the word for dream in English?"

"Dream," advised the leader.

Suddenly Anna felt warm hands on her wrists gently pulling her hands away from her face. She almost gasped when Jimin held one of her hands in his, linking their fingers together. Her eyes darted up to look at him.

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