11. Make It Right

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Anna was woken by a knocking at her door. Somehow, she managed to drag herself out of bed and make her way to the door. She looked through the peephole to see who it was and was shocked to see one of her soulmates. Oh god, I must look such a mess, she thought. With her soulmate waiting outside her door, there was no time for Anna to shower or even change out of her pyjamas. Running her fingers through her hair, Anna took a deep breath before opening the door.

"Good morning, Anna!" greeted Jin in English.

"Morning," she greeted back.

For the first part of their plan, Jin had decided to invite Anna to have breakfast with him. When she opened her door, he couldn't help but think about how cute she looked, she must have just gotten out of bed.

"Sorry. I wake you?" he queried.

"It's okay," she replied. Anna looked up at Jin expectantly, wondering why he was knocking on her door first thing in the morning. When Jin didn't say anything, she decided to ask. "Jin?"

"Yes?" He was so busy admiring how Anna looked first thing in the morning that he forgot he was there for a reason.

"Um, did you need something?" She prompted him.

"Oh!" Jin felt his ears turn red. "Food!"

"Food?" she asked.

"Have food with me?" He finally asked.

"Breakfast? Yes, um, okay." Jin stood at Anna's door smiling at her, while Anna fidgeted nervously. Wow, he's so handsome, she thought.

She had always felt a special connection with Jin because he was the last member of BTS that she fell in love with. Anna remembered when she first discovered BTS, she didn't think Jin was particularly handsome. Until one day her view of Jin completely changed. 

"Uh," she hesitated, "do you mind if I shower and get dressed first?"

"Oh!" He nodded. "I order. Come my room, okay?"

"Okay, thanks. See you soon." She watched Jin head back to his room, which was just across the hall, before closing her door.

Leaning back against the door, Anna's mind was reeling. This would be her first prolonged one on one time with one of her soulmates and she was nervous. What would they talk about? Anna wasn't a good conversationalist, and she wasn't one for small talk. What if I don't like the food? She was also a picky eater. I going to spend time with Jin! In a mixture of nerves and excitement, Anna ran to the bathroom to take a shower. When she was dressed, Anna left the room and crossed the hall.

As she stood outside Jin's door with her fist poised to knock Anna hesitated. Spotting movement out of the corner of her eye, Anna looked to the side to see Jungkook about to enter the room next to Jin's. It looked as though he had just come back from a workout.

When he smiled his signature bunny grin at her, Anna felt hypnotised. He made a gesture of knocking on a door and Anna copied him, knocking on Jin's door. Jungkook gave her a thumbs up and waved before entering his room.

"Anna!" Jin called as he opened the door. "Come in!" Anna entered Jin's room to find a large spread set up on the table. "Sit." Anna sat in the chair Jin waved at while he perched on the edge of his bed. "I not know you like. I order everything." For the next few minutes, Anna felt like she was watching a live version of Eat Jin as Jin went through each of the different foods he had ordered and made comments about them. "What you like?"

"What would you recommend?" she asked, overwhelmed at the choice.

Jin began to suggest foods. As he did, he brought each item up in front of Anna and fed them to her. Anna had seen him feed his fellow members this way in videos and it had seemed natural. However, it felt very intimate to her, and she hoped the heat rising in her cheeks wasn't as visible as it felt. As they ate Jin asked her questions about herself.

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