13. Run

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Anna was sitting in the front row of the empty stadium watching everyone prepare for tonight's concert. She felt idle and wondered if there was anything she could do to help, however, she worried she would just get in the way. After months of being on tour, the staff were well organised and used to setting everything up at different venues.

So instead, she kept out of the way and watched as her soulmates practised their setlist on the new stage. It was sunny out and she wished she had a pair of sunglasses to wear. As she waited for the next rehearsal to start, Anna held her hand above her eyes to block out the sun as she looked around.

When she was suddenly cast in shadow, she turned to see Jungkook standing nearby. He took off the black bucket hat he was wearing and held it out to her. Realising he was trying to give it to her, she shook her head. With a sigh, the Maknae moved closer to Anna and put the hat on her head himself.

Reaching up, she adjusted the hat so that it sat more comfortably and smiled up at Jungkook. Her youngest soulmate grinned back, holding back a giggle at how cute Anna looked wearing his hat. He sat down next to her. Not knowing what to say to each other, they sat in silence for a few minutes. Jungkook was beginning to fidget when Namjoon walked over to them.

"Anna," Namjoon called out to her in English, "could you do me a favour please?"

"How can I help?" she asked.

"They want to test out the lighting for Jimin's solo," he explained, "but he's dealing with a costume emergency."

"You mean the fact that all his tops defy gravity?" she joked. Similarly, to Jin, Anna liked to make jokes when she felt awkward.

"No, this time his jackets are too heavy, so they keep falling off his shoulders," he teased back, making them both laugh. "Can you fill in for him?"

"Fill in?" Anna questioned apprehensively.

"Yeah, just walk through Jimin's performance so we can see how it looks with the light effects."

"You most near to Jimin's height!" interjected Jungkook as he got the gist of what his two soulmates were talking about.

First, Anna was impressed by his English, but then she realised the joke. While she burst out laughing at Jungkook's teasing, Anna missed the way her soulmates looked at her as she laughed. Jungkook was proud of himself for making her laugh and Namjoon swore he would find ways to make Anna smile like that every day.

"Wait, are you calling me short?" She turned to her youngest soulmate pretending to be upset.

"Huh?" He glanced at Namjoon who muttered something to him in Korean, before turning back to look at Anna with wide eyes. "No, no -!"

"I'm just messing with you," she smiled at him. "Joke."

At first, Jungkook was a little shocked that Anna was making jokes, but he was very glad she was. It meant she would fit in well with the rest of them.

Namjoon chuckled. He wasn't as surprised, having seen Anna's sense of humour before.

"So, shall we go up onto the stage?" the leader asked, remembering why he was there.

"Umm, sure. Anything to help," she volunteered. What could go wrong, she thought. Before she left, she gave Jungkook his hat back.

Anna followed Namjoon up onto the stage, where he led her to the middle of the main stage. As she looked out at the currently empty stadium, she wondered what it would be like to perform in front of so many people. Terrifying I bet.

"So, all you need to do is stand in the middle of the main stage, after the first chorus head down the walkway about halfway before coming back again to centre stage. Got it?" Anna stared up at Namjoon with wide eyes and nodded. "Great!" He gave her a thumbs-up before going to stand in the wings.

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