16. Let Me Know

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"Are we having this meeting in Korean or English?" Jin asked once they were all sat down.

It would be a lie to say the language barrier between Anna and most of the members hadn't been on everyone's minds. So far they had managed to make do, but tonight they were having a serious conversation. So odd words and short phrases weren't going to cut it.

"I guess I'll be doing a lot of translating," sighed Namjoon. As the only member of BTS who was fluent in English, the leader had gotten used to being the translator for the group. Although, he never imagined he would have to do it between his soulmates.

The rest of them often felt bad that Namjoon had to take on that extra role. They tried as much as they could to help, memorising answers for interviews and trying their best to learn the language themselves, but learning a language was hard.

It was one of Anna's biggest concerns. Ever since she had become an ARMY she had been attempting to learn Korean, but over the past year, all she had managed were some words and a couple of phrases. Before she met her soulmates, it didn't matter that she had made so little progress, but now it meant that she couldn't properly communicate with them.

"I speak English," stated Hoseok in his confident English.

"I try, too," added Jungkook, even though inside he regretted it instantly. He knew there was no way he could hold a full-on conversation in English.

"I'm sorry," Anna said in Korean, one of the few things she knew how to say.

"Sorry? No sorry," insisted Taehyung with a frown.

"Taehyung's right. You don't need to apologise. It's not your fault," assured Namjoon.

"But I could've... I should've studied harder," she argued.

"You couldn't have known your soulmates wouldn't speak your language. None of us did," remarked the leader.

"We learn English for many years, you know," Jin commented in English with his usual dramatic flair.

"And still, no good," continued Jimin with a laugh.

"Yah! Speak for yourself," objected the oldest.

"Most of us have been having lessons, and what have you been doing, Jimin?" Yoongi asked with a raised brow.

"Watching Netflix!" They all shouted before breaking out into giggles.

As always, whenever BTS laughed it made Anna join in. She didn't completely understand what they were laughing at, but it didn't matter. Their laugh was infectious.

Her soulmates shared relieved glances amongst themselves, glad that Anna was laughing. They had all noticed how she looked as though she was about to walk the plank. With everyone a little more relaxed it was time to start the meeting.

"First of all," Namjoon started, "we would like to apologise to you, Anna. We haven't been taking very good care of you these past few weeks."

"What?" Anna was shocked. This was not at all what she had imagined they were going to say. "No! Don't apologise! You don't have to take care of me."

"Anna, you left your whole life behind, everything you knew, and decided to come with us after meeting us for the first time. You are travelling to a country you've never been to, where you can't speak the language, and you won't know anybody apart from us." Namjoon took one of Anna's hands in both of his. Once again, she was stunned by the physical contact and stared down at their joined hands. "We're very grateful that you have done this, but it must be scary for you."

To be honest, she hadn't thought about it, or more accurately, she had been trying not to. Hearing her soulmate lay it all out like that, the whole thing sounded absurd. And terrifying.

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