17. Ma City

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For Anna, the fact that this was her new life hadn't quite sunk in yet. Although she had been travelling around with her soulmates for a few weeks now, it had almost felt like a dream, full of hotels, aeroplanes, and concerts. Even as she stepped through the doors of her new home, it still hadn't hit her that this was where she would be living from now on.

No matter how much of an insight BTS had provided of their life behind the scenes, Anna didn't truly know what to expect from life with her soulmates. Now that they had a break before the final concerts of their Tour, she would be getting an insight into what her life would be like from now on.

"Noona?" Anna turned to face Jungkook who was holding her suitcase. "Your room. I show you," he volunteered, doing his best to speak English to her.

She followed him into a room with one bed, which clearly wasn't a guest room.

"Kookie?" Anna asked suspiciously. "Whose room is this?"

"Noona's," Jungkook smiled innocently.

Anna looked up at him with raised eyebrows.

"It's yours, isn't it?" She sighed. "I'm not stealing your room."

"Noona not steal." He shook his head. "I give. Okay?"

"But..." She tried to argue, but one look at the pout on his lips and she gave in. "Fine."

"Awesome," Jungkook broke out into his signature bunny grin and started to show her around. "This bathroom. You share with Jimin and Hoseok. They room on other side."

Anna looked through the bathroom door to see another bedroom through the door on the other side. Jimin and Hoseok were in their unpacking, or rather Hoseok was unpacking and Jimin was lying on his bed on his phone. He noticed Anna and waved enthusiastically at her. She smiled and waved back. How are these guys so cute? When she turned back, Jungkook was going through the wardrobe.

"Clothes," he tried to explain when Anna looked at him curiously. "I make space."

"Oh, you don't have to do that now..." Anna sighed and decided just to let Jungkook do what he wanted. There was no stopping him once he set his mind to something.

In the living room, Jimin and Taehyung were setting up their gaming console. They knew that Anna was probably feeling anxious, being in a new place. To help her feel at home they thought they could play video games together. They wanted Namjoon to ask Anna if she wanted to play with them, but he had told them to figure it out themselves.

After realising that their leader wasn't joking, Taehyung volunteered to ask Anna knowing that Jimin wasn't confident in his English-speaking abilities. He found her standing just inside Jungkook's room, watching the Maknae try to rearrange his wardrobe. She looked a little awkward, obviously not knowing what to do with herself.

"Anna?" he called out. "You like video games?" Taehyung tried to voice his questions in English. "Play with us?"

"Video games?" she repeated, and Taehyung nodded in response. "Er, yeah, okay."

It wasn't that she didn't like video games, she just didn't play them very often. This also meant that she wasn't very good at them, but she didn't mind playing with her soulmates.

She followed Taehyung to the living room where Jimin was waiting. The boys allowed her to choose the game, so Anna chose the only one she had played before.

"Mario Kart?" confirmed Jimin.

"Yeah, that's the only one I know," Anna admitted shyly.

"Good? Anna win?" wondered Taehyung.

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