18. HOME

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For Anna's first day in their home, her soulmates wanted to plan something special for her. They were all gathered at the kitchen table while Jin and Yoongi cooked breakfast, discussing ideas.

"First," began Hoseok, "should we take Anna out, or stay in?"

"Practically, we can't go out. It needs planning, especially if all of us are going out together," reasoned Namjoon. It was probably one of the most difficult consequences to deal with due to their job, being unable to just go out whenever and wherever they wanted.

"Another day then," the dancer suggested. "We could go out for dinner and book a private room somewhere."

"So today we are staying in?" Jimin looked around at the others for confirmation.

"I think Anna will appreciate us just being at home," Jungkook spoke up, "all of us together."

"I agree. Suddenly exposing her to lots of new things might overwhelm her too," added Jin.

"Good point, Jin-Hyung. I'm sure we all want to show Anna our favourite places, but we've got time. The next few weeks before the tour ends our schedule is fairly light and then after the final concert in Tokyo, we have some time off," Namjoon reminded them.

"Whoop whoop! Holiday!" the Maknae line cheered.

Although they all loved being on tour, it was exhausting. They were ready for a break, especially now that they had found their final soulmate. They were excited to spend time with her and get to know her.

Namjoon shook his head at his younger soulmates' antics.

"I know we hadn't planned to do anything in particular during our time off," the leader started, "but now we could ask Anna if there's anything she would like to do or anywhere she wants to go."

"She told me she wanted to visit New Zealand and China," said Jin, "and here of course."

"New Zealand?" Hoseok perked up at the new information.

"Yep," the oldest confirmed. "Anna said watching Bon Voyage made her want to go there."

"So why China?" Jungkook frowned in confusion.

"Do you think..." Jimin gasped.

"Think what, Jiminie?" asked Hoseok.

"Do you think she is a fan of any Chinese Idols?"

"Why would it matter?" Yoongi spoke up. "We can't expect her to only be a fan of us. ARMY may be devoted to us but many of them are fans of other groups as well."

"I know, but what if she likes them more than us?" speculated Jimin.

"Jimin-Hyung, what if Anna's ultimate bias is not one of us!" exclaimed Jungkook.

"You two are being ridiculous. Are you forgetting that she's our soulmate?" Yoongi words put an end to the silly turn the conversation had taken. The room was quiet for a moment after his scolding.

"I wouldn't worry too much." Taehyung broke the silence.

"Is this another one of your feelings, Tae?" asked Namjoon.

"No," the singer replied. "Anna is currently listening to BTS while she's in the bath."

All the boys went silent for a minute, trying to hear if what Taehyung said was true, but they couldn't hear anything from the kitchen. Jimin stood up from the table.

"Yah, Jimin!" Jin called after him. "Where are you going?"

"I'm just getting something from my room!" he shouted back.

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