23. Boyz with Fun

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To celebrate their new soulmate moving to Korea for them, BTS had booked a private room in a Korean Barbeque restaurant. When Anna found out where they were going, she was so excited. She had wanted to go to one ever since she became an ARMY and saw all the interesting and delicious looking food the boys ate. However, the only restaurants she could find were in London and she hadn't managed to make a trip there yet.

Despite this, she had tried her best to make some Korean dishes herself, but it had been difficult to find some of the ingredients. One of her favourites was Japchae, although it had taken her a while to find some glass noodles. Another successful dish she had made was Jeon (Korean pancakes), but she hadn't been able to try Kimchi-jeon. Nowhere Anna had looked sold kimchi and she had been close to trying to make it herself. Another ingredient that had been impossible to get was rice cakes to make Tteokbokki. So, she was insanely excited to try some proper Korean food.

At least her chopstick skills weren't awful. She had used them at home whenever she ate noodles, but that didn't stop her from being self-conscious that she wasn't holding them correctly. However, the main thing she was worried about was the spiciness. She knew Korean food was generally extremely spicy, especially by foreign standards, and Anna couldn't handle very spicy food. Although, her spice level had increased a lot over the past year, so perhaps it wouldn't be as bad as she was imagining.

"Is there anything, in particular, you want to try, Anna?" asked Namjoon. He was sitting opposite her in the middle of the table, the ideal placement for when translations were needed.

"Everything," she answered, looking at the menu she recognised a few words. "Japchae, Kimchi-jeon, Tteokbokki, Samgyeopsal, Kimchi Fried Rice... Oh! They have Fried Chicken too!" When she looked up the rest of the table had gone silent and all of her soulmates were staring at her. "What? You're always eating in your videos and cooking on Run BTS! and I always wanted to try everything."

Her soulmates were delightfully surprised that their new soulmate was so open to trying their foods. When they had been deciding where to take her out for dinner, they had debated between a European or a Korean restaurant. Hearing how excited she was to try Korean food, they were relieved that they had made the right choice.

"Yes!" cried Jin, wrapping an arm around Anna. "You perfect girl!" He leaned closer and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. "Mwah!"

Anna could still feel the heat in her cheeks when her soulmates ordered their food, including everything she had mentioned. The first dishes to be brought to the table were some complimentary side dishes. Encouraged by her enthusiasm, Jin took it upon himself to help her try everything. With Namjoon chiming in when needed, her oldest soulmate explained what everything was and put a bit of each on her plate.

When the food they had ordered started arriving, Anna didn't know what to try first and it didn't help that her soulmates all urged her to try different things first. It was going well until she tried the Tteokbokki. It was very spicy.

"Woah, are you okay, Noona?" Jungkook asked in English, passing the water to Hoseok who was sitting next to her.

"I'm fine," she paused to take a drink. "Just a little spicy."

"No good with spicy food?" queried Taehyung worriedly.

"It's her first time having Korean food," stated Yoongi. "Of course it's too spicy for her."

"It's okay." Anna waved them off. "I was expecting it."

"Sorry, Noona," whispered Jungkook with guilty eyes. Everyone looked at him in confusion. "I ordered the extra spicy one."

"Seriously, Guk!" exclaimed Hoseok.

"Wow." The boys turned to Anna to see her reaction. "I'm handling it a lot better than I thought then."

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