26. Serendipity

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"Ugh! Why do I find this so hard?" complained Anna.

It was Anna's last Korean lesson of the week and she felt as though she hadn't made any progress.

"You're doing fine, Anna," Tom assured her. "Learning a language is hard and it takes a long time, but you're making progress. I promise."

"I just feel bad. My soulmates are trying so hard to speak as much English as they can for me. But they work so hard and then they have to come home and try to translate everything they say..." she sighed. "It's not fair on them."

"I'm sure they don't feel that way. Would it be fair on you for them to expect you to speak Korean all the time?" he reasoned. "You've only just started having lessons this week. Think of it as practice for them."

"Namjoon did say the others need the practice," she commented out loud without thinking.

Anna gasped. She wasn't sure if her tutor was aware of who her soulmates were, so she had tried to be very general when speaking about them.

"Don't worry. I already know who your soulmates are," he told her, reading her mind. "As I work for the Soulmate Registration Office, I'm under a strict confidentiality agreement."

"Oh." Anna hadn't thought of that. She breathed a sigh of relief. "Good."

"Seven soulmates are a lot. It seems like there are more and more large soul-groups appearing," he remarked.

"I think it's so it's easier to find your soulmate," she started to explain. "You have a higher chance of finding one of four or one of eight, rather than just finding one single person."

"That makes sense," he nodded. "It also means you don't have to rely solely on one person."

"In a way, it makes more sense to have more than more soulmate," she finished.

"Anyway, we've gotten way off topic," he declared. "Let's go over this again." Anna groaned. "You can it. Fighting!"

"Fighting," she replied unenthusiastically.

After the lesson, Tom walked Anna out into the foyer.

"Now don't forget to review everything we've done this week," he reminded her. "It will help you complete your homework."

"It's strange to be getting homework again," she laughed. "It's nice though, kind of makes me miss school! You didn't need to give me so much though..."

"See you on Monday," he chuckled. "Bye."

"Bye," she waved before turning to leave.

Jimin had a break in his schedule today, so he decided to surprise Anna by picking her up from her lesson and taking her out for lunch. He didn't expect that when he arrived, he would find her laughing with another man.

It made him feel strange. What he was feeling was so unfamiliar that it took him a minute to recognise what it was: jealousy. It wasn't something that he had ever felt with his other soulmates. Their bond had always been strong, so he had never had any reason to doubt.

As he watched Anna talk with the man, he realised it wasn't just because their bond wasn't complete that he was feeling this way. It was also the fact that she could converse so easily with this man, whereas he could barely form a single sentence in English. Maybe I should ask Namjoon for some lessons.

Anna almost didn't see Jimin as she left. He looked lost in thought, his brows furrowed, and she wondered why he looked annoyed.

"Jimin?" she called out, approaching him cautiously.

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