29. Stigma

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Anna was thinking about all the time she had been spending with her soulmates since she arrived in Seoul. Apart from Yoongi who seemed to always be at his studio, she realised there was one person she hadn't spent any alone time with. She had watched movies with Jin, been cycling with Namjoon, been to a dog cafe with Jimin, danced with Hoseok, and painted her bedroom with Jungkook. However, she hadn't seen a lot of Taehyung.

So, she decided it was her turn to make an effort with her soulmates. Anna knew that Taehyung was off today, so she went looking for him. She found him in the bedroom he shared with Namjoon. Yet as she stood in the doorway her confidence left her and her insecurities took over. Maybe he's busy? Would he want to spend time with just me? What would we even do? I'm so boring.

"Anna?" called out Taehyung, surprised at seeing her hovering in the doorway.

"Hi, Tae," she smiled shyly. "Umm, do you... I was wondering if... are you... would you like to... I mean..." Taehyung studied Anna closely wondering why he was stumbling over her words. Why does she look so nervous? "Are you busy?"

"Busy?" He repeated in English and tilted his head to the side thoughtfully. "No."

"Cool," she responded awkwardly.

Although she wanted to spend some time with him, Anna didn't have any ideas for what they could do. So instead, she took this opportunity to look around the room. On the wall was a collage of photographs. They were artistic and Anna immediately knew they belonged to Taehyung.

"These are nice photos," she commented, pointing at the wall.

"You like?" he grinned, moving the stand next to her. "This my photo."

"You took all of these?" asked Anna, impressed. She knew he had an interest in photography, but she hadn't seen his work before.

"All." He waved his hand over the wall. "Mine. Yes."

"You're a good photographer."

"You take photo?"

"Not really." She wouldn't say she took photos seriously, as she didn't know about things like lighting and filters. "I wish I could," she added.

Taehyung contemplated this for a moment. He had also wanted to spend some time with his new soulmate, but he was a little ashamed to admit that the language barrier had made him hesitate. Jimin had told him how difficult it had been when he had taken Anna out just the two of them. So difficult that the dancer had asked Namjoon for English lessons later that same day.

Suddenly he had an idea. Walking around his room, Taehyung got out his camera. He handed his camera to Anna and she took it with a confused expression.

"I show you how," he stated.

"Oh, I didn't mean, you don't have to..." Anna trailed off.

"You no want?" he pouted, looking at Anna with the saddest expression.

"Yes! Yes, I do want to," she insisted.

"Are you sure?" he asked, not looking convinced by Anna's words.

"Tae, will you teach me to take photos?" she begged, trying to make him smile. "Please?"

"Okay!" he agreed happily, his face breaking out into a boxy grin.

They ended up going outside to a small garden area in between the apartment blocks. There was a bench with an overhanging tree to one side, and that was where they spent the afternoon taking photos together.

Taehyung began by showing her how to line up shots and did his best to explain how to get the right lighting. There was a lot of pointing and hand gestures, but they managed. Anna took some shots of the area with Taehyung's direction, and then he suggested she try taking some photos of him.

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