30. First Love

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It was early one evening when Anna received a text from Namjoon saying that they would all be staying late and not to wait for them. She looked around at all the food she had spent the afternoon cooking. For a moment Anna was disappointed and at a loss for what to do, but then it hit her. If they couldn't come home for dinner, maybe she could take dinner to them. She texted him back asking if they had eaten yet. When he replied no, she told him not to order anything, before quickly looking for containers to put the food in.

When she arrived at the company, Anna wasn't sure where to go. She had messaged Namjoon when she spotted a familiar face walking across the foyer.

"Bora!" she called out.

"Anna? Hi! How are you?" the staff member greeted her in English and surprised Anna by hugging her.

"I'm okay," she smiled.

"Are you settle in okay?" Bora saw straight through Anna's smile. "How you find Korea?"

"It's good..." she trailed off as Bora narrowed her eyes. "I'm still getting used to it, to everything."

"That's normal. We hang out sometime? Soon?" asked the staff member.

"Oh, yeah, sure," answered Anna, surprised by the offer. "I would like that."

"Call me Unnie," insisted Bora.

"Okay, Unnie," replied Anna, making Bora smile.

"Noona!" shouted Jungkook as he approached.

"I'll leave you with your soulmate. See you soon, Anna. Bye-bye!"

After waving goodbye to Bora, Anna had followed Jungkook to where most of her soulmates were gathered.

"Noona bring us food!" exclaimed Jungkook as they entered the room, holding up the bags that he had insisted on carrying for Anna.

"You didn't need to do that..." Namjoon told her in English, "wait, did you cook all this?"

"Umm..." Anna hesitated. She didn't want to admit that she had spent all day working on this, searching for recipes, planning what order to do everything, preparing the ingredients. She didn't want them to feel bad. "I wanted to practice cooking some Korean dishes."

"This must have taken all day," whispered Jin in Korean as he looked at all the different dishes Anna had prepared.

"And we couldn't make it home for dinner," stated Taehyung sadly.

"Sorry, Jagi," said Jimin.

"Why are you sorry?" asked Anna, oblivious to the term of endearment her soulmate had used.

"You went through so much trouble," answered Namjoon, "and we couldn't come home."

"Don't worry. It's fine. This is the life of an idol, right?" Her words made them all feel sad. Taehyung couldn't stop himself from giving Anna a big hug. "Is Yoongi in his studio? I'll take him some food."

"That's okay. We take it," Hoseok offered.

"No, no," she insisted. "I can do it. You eat."

Anna didn't want to admit that she wanted an excuse to go inside the Genius Lab. They gave her instructions of where to go and she soon found herself outside Yoongi's studio, ringing his doorbell. She was filled with nervous excitement as she waited for the door to open. I hope he won't mind me interrupting. What if he's taking a nap? He will be annoyed and grumpy?! Her thoughts kept her distracted enough that when the door did open, she didn't see Yoongi's frown. However, as soon as he saw it was Anna his expression softened.

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