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Their flight to Japan was extremely early in the morning. This was not just to try and avoid the crowds, but so that they would have as much time as they could before the concert that evening. However, like many of her soulmates, Anna wasn't a morning person.

When they arrived, they went straight to the venue to start rehearsals. Although the boys told her she could go and rest in the hotel for a bit, she had declined. Anna would rather be close to them, than in a hotel room all alone.

The first concert went well, the boys feeling recharged after their two-week break. Anna watched proudly from backstage. Unfortunately, Bora hadn't come on this trip, but the makeup artist who had let Anna watch her work before was there. As one of the only staff members with them that could speak any English, Anna was relieved when the artist kept her company for part of the night.

After the concert, they all headed to the hotel. Anna discovered that although they had booked a room each, which she supposed was for appearance's sake, that didn't mean that the boys kept to their rooms. When there was a knock on her door, and she opened it to find Jungkook who wanted to ask if he could sleep in her bed.

"But it's your birthday tomorrow, wouldn't you rather wake up with one of the others?" she replied.

"For my birthday, I want first thing I see is Noona," he told her sweetly.

The next morning consisted of cuddles and breakfast in bed, where they were soon joined by the others as well. When Anna gave him the card she had made, he was amazed at her creativity. Then Jin gave him the RJ card he had made and complained when the birthday boy didn't give the same reaction for his oldest soulmate's card as he did for Anna's.

Soon the birthday celebrations were over, and the boys had to get back to work. They were a little sad that this was the last concert of their tour but also determined to make sure that they did their best. As she had done before, Anna was lounging around in the room backstage while the boys got ready. It was then that she realised something.

It had been twenty days. Anna could barely believe it when she had counted the number of days since her appointment at the Soulmate Registration Office. She had ten days left until she would technically be living in the country illegally. She had ten days to buck up the courage to kiss one of her soulmates. It sounds so simple. Why can't I do it?

Anna was knocked out of her thoughts by the sound of her name being mentioned.

"Anna can do it," announced the makeup artist. "She's watched me before as well as last night."

"But that doesn't mean she can replicate what you did!" argued the staff member.

"There isn't anyone else!" insisted the makeup artist.

Since they were speaking so fast Anna barely caught more than her name from the conversation between the makeup artist and another member of staff. She looked over at Namjoon who was standing nearby. He looked her way and smiled at her before beckoning her over.

"What's wrong?" asked Anna.

"We need you to fill in as a makeup artist," the leader informed her.

"What!" she exclaimed. "Me?"

"Apparently, you like watching us have our makeup applied," her soulmate smirked.

"Well, not you guys specifically..." corrected Anna.

"I can't do all seven of them on my own!" shouted the makeup artist.

"Fine! Do whatever you want!" yelled the other staff member.

Namjoon watched the other staff member leave with narrowed eyes, while Anna looked at the makeup artist.

"Anna, you will do Jin's, Suga's and J-Hope's makeup, okay?" she told her in English.

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