34. Love Is Not Over

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As they watched the fireworks display together, Namjoon's interest was drawn elsewhere. With a smile, he nudged his oldest soulmate who was standing next to him. When Jin looked away from the sky, he saw what had captured the leader's attention. Beside them, their youngest soulmate and their final soulmate were sharing her first kiss. Their hearts warmed at the sight, glad that Anna finally felt ready for this step.

After a moment, Jin looked down at his left hand. For ten years he had a number on his ring finger and now finally he would get to see what their soul-mark looked like. Yet, when he looked, the number one was still present.

Jin grabbed Namjoon's arm with his right hand while continuing to stare at his left. He didn't understand why it hadn't changed. Although it was a long time ago, he was sure for the seven of them their marks had changed instantly. Why would it be different with Anna?

"Jin-Hyung? What's wrong?" asked Namjoon, turning to face him after the grip the singer had on his arm tightened.

"Joon..." whispered Jin. Please let this be a bad dream.

"What is it, Honey?" the leader asked again.

"Look," the oldest held up his left hand, unable to say the words out loud. Our mark hasn't changed.

As soon as Namjoon saw what had Jin in such a state, his mind was trying to come up with explanations. He stared at the mark on his oldest soulmate's hand for a moment before, with one last bit of hope, raised his own hand. But the leader's mark was also unchanged.

After the firework's had finished, the rest of their soul-group also noticed the bonding moment between Jungkook and Anna, but then the other pairs strange behaviour caught their attention.

"What are you looking at, Jin-Hyung, Joon?" queried Hoseok.

Both Jin and Namjoon held up their left hands in response, and the others lifted their own hands only to see the same thing – an unchanged mark. Now they were all staring at their left ring fingers in confusion.

"Namjoon-Hyung, why hasn't it changed?" asked Taehyung. Namjoon always has the answers. He'll know why it hasn't changed. It can't be because... We can't have been wrong?

If this had been a fairy tale, Anna and Jungkook would have carried on, oblivious to the chaos that was unravelling around them. However, the constant whispering of the rest of their soulmates drew them out of their little bubble.

Anna stared up at Jungkook in a daze and wondered if she had just dreamt what just happened. Jungkook broke out into a big bunny grin, causing Anna to smile back and it was such a beautiful sight that it took his breath away. The Maknae used the grip he had on her waist to lift her off the ground and spin them around. The sound of her giggles as they spun was like music to his ears. Jungkook had never been so happy.

Eventually, the pair looked towards their other soulmates who were still whispering to each other. That was when Jungkook and Anna noticed the looks on their faces and they instantly knew that something was wrong.

"Hyungs? What's wrong?" he asked, but he was unable to keep the smile off of his face.

"Jungkookie..." Jimin trailed off, hesitant to be the one to cause Jungkook's smile to disappear.

"Look at your hand," whispered Hoseok, knowing that seeing the physical proof was the only way his youngest soulmate would believe what was happening.

"Huh?" Jungkook lifted his right hand.

"Your left-hand, Jungkook," Namjoon corrected.

"Oh! Why? What's...?" he trailed off as he stared at his hand.

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