37. Miss Right

2K 101 17

It was early in the morning when Anna was woken up by an incessant poking on her arm. When she opened her eyes, she found Taehyung kneeling on the floor beside her bed with his chin resting on his arms on the edge of her mattress.

"Tae?" she blinked blearily, wondering why he was waking her up so early.

"Want to take you somewhere," he explained. "Please."

One glance at Taehyung's pouty expression and fluffy bed head and Anna couldn't say no to him.

Carefully, she got out of bed where Jungkook was still asleep and got dressed. The sun was still rising as they drove through Seoul. There was no heavy traffic at this time in the morning. She was curious as to where he was taking her but was content to wait and see.

It wasn't too long before they reached their destination, and Anna let out an excited squeal when she saw where they were. It was a place she recognised from multiple Korean dramas. They were at the bottom of the cable car for the Namsan Tower.

"I can't believe I'm here!" exclaimed Anna.

"Jiminie recommend," he admitted. "Anna happy?"

"Yes. Very happy," she smiled. "Thank you."

The place was deserted, and Anna realised that the reason Taehyung had woken her up so early was so that they could get there before it opened. She had noticed that the members of BTS generally tried not to use their idol status and money if they could help it, but obviously, their fame had gotten to a point where sometimes they had to if they wanted to have a peaceful outing.

In the cable car, Anna marvelled at the view as they got higher and higher above Seoul. Taehyung stood next to her and pointed out some famous landmarks and places he thought Anna might recognise. When they reached the top, first they visited the love locks and then they went for a walk around Namsan Park.

Anna couldn't help but notice as they walked that Taehyung kept his distance. She thought about reaching out and taking his hand, but she wondered if it was because they were in public that he was holding back. She hadn't been sure before if she was the type of person who would enjoy public displays of affection, but at this moment she knew she wanted at least to hold his hand.

It made her think. Would they never be able to do such things in public? Would she never be able to hold her soulmates hands, or be close to them, outside of their home? Is that what being a soulmate of Idols would be like?

At some point, Taehyung had taken out his phone and begun taking pictures. At first, it was just of their surroundings, but then he started pointing his lens towards Anna. Once she noticed this, she started trying to hide her face from him, laughing as Taehyung playfully continued trying to outsmart her and catch her out.

This turned into a game. Anna started running away and Taehyung chased after her. It didn't take long for him to catch her, but as he reached out and grabbed her, they both ended up tumbling over each other onto the ground. They landed on the grass with Anna on top of Taehyung.

Raising her head, Anna found herself inches away from Taehyung's face and she couldn't help but stare. How could someone so beautiful ever be mine? However, Taehyung was hers, at least for now, and so Anna decided to take what was hers for once in her life.

As she moved in closer, Anna looked into his eyes, searching for any sign that Taehyung didn't want this, but she found none. All she saw was love, happiness, and desire. A flicker of nervous panic rushed through her before she felt Taehyung's hands on her back, one rubbing up and down in a comforting motion and she relaxed. She was safe here in his arms.

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