Drunk In Love

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*Mew goes out drinking and comes home heavily drunk.

*Gulf has to take care of his drunk husband who's also persistent.


Making his way to the entrance Gulf glanced at the person who rang his doorbell non-stop for the past minute.

There stood a tall man dressed in a white top with dark jeans. Accompanied by another man who was struggling to stay in his friends hold.

?: Did you guys fight? He kept drinking and mumbling to himself but refused to tell me why.

The tall guy dressed in white asked as he passed the drunken guy over to Gulf.

G: Nothing happened. He's probably just stressed from work. Don't worry I got him.

Gulf took the drunk guy into his arms as he politely waved his friend off.

G: Will you be able to get home by yourself, or?-

?: it's fine. I didn't drink as much as he did. One of us had to be sober. Goodnight then.

The guy waved himself off as Gulf shut the door behind him.

In their house Gulf watched as his drunken lover shifted in his arm trying to find a comfortable place to lay his head.

He looks so peaceful and cute.

With one last glance at his lover in arms Gulf let go of the drunken guy making him fall flat out on the floor.

That's got to hurt.

Stepping over the drunken male, Gulf made his way to the living room and turned on the TV to the highest volume.

Not caring if it would disturb the drunken person on the floor.

The guy on the floor stirred around trying to sit up, but found it impossible. He decided to lay flat on his back back stare at the ceiling above.

?: Babe!

The drunken guy called out to his lover.

G: Yes boo.

?: Where am I?

G: At home Mew. Where you are supposed to be.

Hearing those words Mew came out of his daze and stood up hurriedly.

G: Look who finally woke up.

Gulf watched as his lover massage different sides of his body, most likely trying to clear the ache from the earlier fall.

Mews gaze fixed between the door not to far from him and his lover that leaned lazily on the back of the living room couch watching his every move.

Mew made a quick dash towards the door but was caught.

G: Suppasit where the hell do you think you're going?

The now half sober guy groaned as he looked back timidly at the piercing hawk eyes of his lover.

M: I-I was going to lock the door babe. I thought it was opened.

Mew lied.

G: I already locked it. Now, go sit down I'll be back soon to help you clear your headache.

Gulf gently placed his lover in their living room couch as he went to the kitchen and prepared hot soup for Mew to drink, with lemon tea.

In about 30 minutes everything was completed. Gulf tapped the shoulder of the guy who was unconscious on the couch.

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