Chapter 19

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A long, drawn-out sigh left your lips as you stared into the mirror, eyes locked onto the formal attire you were told to wear. It had been a pretty normal day: you ate breakfast, talked with Tyche, ate lunch, and then retreated to your room to read where you left off on a book you borrowed from the library. By the time evening rolled around, you were getting ready to head to the cafeteria for dinner but were stopped by a knock on your bedroom door.

Of course, it just had to be Dream. Without any explanation, he handed you a rectangular box and told you to get ready. You were completely confused but did what you were told, changing into the formal outfit you were provided. Surprisingly, it fit perfectly. The fabric was soft and of high quality. It made you wonder who made it and whether they made it just to fit you. But that question wasn't at the forefront of your mind at the moment.

After making sure you looked okay in the mirror, you made your way back to your bedroom door. As soon as you swung it open, Dream pushed himself from the wall he was leaning on and positioned to face you.

"Looks good," He complimented, "You ready to go?"

You took a moment to process what he was wearing. Instead of his normal green hoodie, Dream was wearing a dark green tailcoat tuxedo with a black vest and dress shirt underneath. His pants were the same dark green color, leading all the way down to his black loafers. The absence of a hood left his dirty blonde hair in clear view. It was messy and tousled, parts of it draped over his familiar white smiling mask.

"Seems like you like my outfit too," Dream hummed, crossing his arms over his chest and tilting his head.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed at him, "You wish."

Dream chuckled lightly, uncrossing his arms. He stuck his hands in his pockets instead.

After you closed your door, you eyed Dream suspiciously. "Care to tell me where we're going now?"

Dream turned and started walking down the hall. When you settled next to him, he spoke, "I'm surprised Tyche or Techno didn't tell you. We're having a ball to celebrate Tyche's return."

Well, that explains why Tyche seemed so giddy the last time you talked. She refused to tell you why, a playful smirk stuck to her face. You assumed it was just a silly prank that she was planning. Guess this was it.

"I haven't spoken to Technoblade since I was medically cleared."

"He's been a little busy," Dream replied, shrugging his shoulders, "He's also not usually very talkative but today is your perfect day!" Dream giggled. "After all, alcohol makes for loose lips."

"Yeah, and loose lips sink ships," You retorted, "Also, why is there alcohol at your party for Tyche?"

"It's just tradition. But don't worry your pretty little head about it, all the children are given apple juice."

You chose not to respond to that and changed the topic. "How'd you get my measurements?"

"Lucky guess? Tyche was the one who picked it. She said something about wanting your outfit to fit with hers."

Okay, at least that makes a bit more sense. Tyche must have gotten your measurements somewhere and then made your outfit match the color of her own.

"Here we are."

Dream stopped in front of a door. From where you stood you could hear music and muffled conversation seeping from it. The voices made your hands start to sweat. Although you've been here for a week, you never had to socialize with anyone other than Tyche, Dream, and Bad. It was nerve-wracking to think about having to talk with other people, especially with your limited piglin knowledge.

"You're coming too, right?" You asked, stopping Dream before he opened the door.

"I'll be there in a little bit. I have some things I need to do first."

His answer made you shrink slightly. You hoped that you'd at least have Dream to stand by.

Noticing your distress. Dream tried his best to relieve it. "Don't worry, everyone there works in the fortress and is very nice. If you have any problems, Techno and Bad are there."

His words didn't do very much. Dream might feel comfortable because he knows everyone but you're left on your own. Staying by Bad would be your best option considering he's one of the only people you know besides Tyche and Dream. Sure, you've spoken to Technoblade once but you don't know if that counts. It was more like an interrogation now that you think about it. Plus, he's a bit too intimidating to just walk up to.

"You'll be fine," Dream assured again, "You need to stop thinking so much."

You took a steady breath. He was right, you were thinking too much. You'd be fine, it's not like it's that different from the parties you would throw at Gresham's mansion, right? What's the worst that could happen?

With a nod, Dream opened the door.


Chapter 20 will be posted on Friday!

Just want to clarify, I don't describe the outfit you're wearing, I just say that it fits the color of Tyche's but I don't say what that is. So, you can imagine wearing whatever (but remember you're going to a formal ball lol).

So... I was kinda maybe thinking if I had enough time to write after I finished Tyche I might write a Dream fic that would take place after this one. For some reason, I just really like how I made his character (even if he is OOC... I can't really grasp Dream's canon character well). That's just a thought though! I can't really say much about it because that would spoil the end of this book but I'm considering it.

Hope you all have a great day/night! <3

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