Chapter 20

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The ballroom looked magnificent. The walls were covered in floor-to-ceiling windows, showcasing the expansive lava pit lying beneath the fortress. The ceiling was tall and had a giant black chandelier hanging from the middle. It was purely for aesthetics, the lava giving off enough light to illuminate the room by itself.

It was truly a sight to behold and you felt weird standing in the middle of it. Many people of different kinds were conversing with each other. Some were dancing, some were laughing, some were eating or drinking. Pigmen, wither skeletons, and blazes filled the room and it made you feel like a bit of an outcast. People looked at you weird, you could feel their gaze even when you weren't looking at them.

This felt nothing like the parties you threw at the Gresham's mansion. You were nothing but a needle in a haystack there. Here, however, you stuck out like a sore thumb.

That's why the first person you went to was BadBoyHalo. He was kind enough to keep you company and even introduced you to his friend Skeppy. Skeppy was also one who stood out like a sore thumb, his sharp blue edges clashing with the dark theme of the fortress. No one seemed to care about him, though, their eyes were trained on you instead.

It was weird to be the center of attention but as time passed, you seemed to care less. The small alcohol in your system made you feel warm and fuzzy. You also felt a bit careless, not even thinking about the people staring at you anymore. It wasn't like they were talking to you anyway so why did you have to worry about it?

As time passed, the dance floor got busier, filling with people that swayed with drinks in their hands. You didn't dare to join them. Even in your slightly intoxicated state, you felt claustrophobic even staring at the crowd of people. Skeppy and Bad didn't seem to feel the same, though, because a few moments later they said their goodbyes and headed to the dance floor, leaving you on your own.

You once again felt isolated, only able to focus on the stares of other people and the empty cup in your hand. In an attempt to calm yourself, you glanced around for something to do. Away from the dance floor was another small group of people that surrounded someone who looked familiar. Technoblade was surrounded by people, dressed in a dark red suit. On his head lay the same large skull you first saw him with. This time, however, it was paired with a golden crown as well which complimented the golden accents of his suit and jewelry. The ears that stuck out from his long pink hair were also decorated in gold jewelry.

Technoblade looked more intimidating than when you first met him. Although, with the alcohol in your system, you didn't seem to notice a difference in your demeanor. In normal circumstances, you would have made sure to stay as far as possible but now you didn't seem to care. Instead, you continued on like normal, deciding to make your way to the food bar situated near the small group.

The food bar consisted of many different foods, some more... interesting than others. (Who serves baked potatoes at an event like this??)

You chose to be safe and opted to just refill your empty cup. Some more alcohol couldn't hurt.

After filling your cup, you took a sip, shoulders collapsing from the taste. The familiar warm fuzzy feeling settled again, clouding your mind from the events around you. It was enough to keep you feeling calm but you were still aware enough to notice the tall figure that settled next to you.

Technoblade stood beside you, grabbing his own cup of alcohol from the table. He must have escaped from the group of people somehow.

As soon as he took a drink from his own cup, he sighed, settling next to you.

Apparently, at this moment you felt confident enough to speak. You were pretty sure it was the alcohol. "You're very popular."

Technoblade looked at the group he was previously stuck in and shrugged. "I don't particularly like crowds."

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