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E L L I E   R O S E ~

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E L L I E   R O S E ~

I woke up next morning with Mason sleeping beside me. The room was so bright from the sunshine. His strong arms wrapped around my waist possesively. I couldn't help but smile lifting my head to see his perfect handsome face. I bite down on my lip tracing the rose tattoo on the left side of his chest. It's beautiful.

"Good morning, babygirl" Mason murmured with a gorgeous smile on his face. "Good morning.." I whispered smiling as he leaned in pressing his lips against mine but when I was about to pull back he grabbed the back of my head deepening the kiss. After few minutes of making out, I part our lips to breath.

"I'm going to s-spend the d-day with Amara" I stuttered when Mason began to place butterfly kisses down on my neck and  let out a hummed sucking and biting on the skin wherever his lips reached. I was about to move away but he wrap his arm snacked around my back, keeping me in place. "Not so fast, dziecko" he smirk getting on top of me pinning my hands above my head. Mason's lips found my throat and began to placing gentle kisses.

I giggle as he began to placing butterfly kisses all over my face and at last on my lips, grinning. "I'm g-going to be late" I smiled and lift my head a little to Pressed my lips against his. We both smiled into the kiss. We cuddled for hours as we stayed on the bed until Amara called me. Mason peck my lips and got out from the bed walking towards the bathroom. I felt my cheeks heated up as his back flexed with his each movement.

As I said before, He's perfectly sculpted by god.

"I know you're staring, dziecko" Mason muttered, peering behind his shoulder. I blushed as I caught a sexy smirk tugged on his lips. I bite down on my lip brushing my hair behind my ear as he began to walking back towards me. He gripped my jaw making me looked up at him and plant his lips against mine, Aggressively.

"Let's take shower together" he whispered gently lifting me up in bridal style. I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck when he carried me inside the bathroom.

But at last, We end up having another round.


Amara's gasp was what I heard first as I told her everything about last night. Her eyes widened and jaw dropped as she stared at me with surprised. We were on Amara's bedroom sitting on the bed, talking.

"Oh my god- Are you serious?!" Amara exclaimed.

"Yeah" I lightly chuckle when she shook her head in disbelief, grinning.

"I didn't knew Mason could be even romantic except being a asshole and rude" Amara roll her eyes.

"So Are you two officially together?"

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