Chapter 16

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Narrators Pov

"So you gonna tell me who's kid that is or what?" Ace interrogated Liv as he drove down to the underground garage.

They had just left the chaotic airport, which was only chaotic because of the little rivalry between a different gang in the area. Quiet normal for them but traumatizing to passengers and kids. Oh let's not forget how Ace had the state of mind to drive through a whole airport, like which person in their right state of mind does that?

Away from that exaggerating topic, they just pulled up to the base where they would be staying for the next couple of weeks. Maybe even months, no one knows how long this mission will stand. Well, except me.

"Nope, now will you stop asking?" The brunette questioned turning her attention from the window to him.

Turning off the ignition Ace also turned to look at her.

"No, I'll get it out of you somehow" He smirked.

A soft chuckle sounded through the car followed by an eye roll from Ace.

"Keep dreaming buddy," Karma said before opening the car door and walking away with a sleeping toddler cuddled up in her arms.


"Miss Karma" A knock sounded on Liv's bedroom door

Liv trudged her way over to the door at the thought of her name being called.

"Yes?" she asked the woman who stood at the door.

"My apologies for not telling you as you got here, but boss told me to inform you that you will be going to school, starting Monday." the woman announced.

"But that's tomorrow, I literally haven't gotten any bit of rest yet" Liv argued with a groan.

The woman at the door simply shrugged her shoulders with a blank expression.

"Can you at least book a last minute babysitter for my uh-, niece?" Liv convinced, almost slipping up the information of Valerie being her daughter.

"Oh, I'm not really doing anything so I can babysit her. Well, that's if your ok with it" She rushed out turning her attention to the ground while waiting for Livs response'.

Liv raised a brow at the nervous woman but smiled nonetheless at her.

"Of course, I don't mind. And thank you" She smiled

At that time a still sleepy Valerie approached Liv hugging her foot because of her height.

"Mommy I hungwy" She slurred rubbing her eyes.

Liv slowly looked back to the woman at the door with a shocked expression at what she just found out.


"Bye and thank you again" Liv tried to cover up before instantly shutting the door in her face.

Oh shit I forgot I have to go out the door to get Valerie something to eat

She mentally facepalmed herself before lifting Valerie from the ground

"What do you wanna eat pumpkin?" She questioned the toddler

"Can we get Cheetos?" the toddler asked

"That's not something appetize worthy Valerie"

"Pwease mom" the toddler begged giving off her best puppy dog eyes

What a coaxer

"Ok but you have to eat carrots with it, deal?" Liv said with a smirk


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