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"Victor Catch!" I throw a strawberry at him, the strawberry fell next to his lips.

"God i expected better from you." I leaned back. I like Victor, he's just a big flirt. Ricardo and Dario find it annoying, but I think it's funny.

Did I mention this boat is huge?

I can't even pay for this boat with my 2 year wages. I wish I had grown up in a rich family like theirs, then I would have had a different childhood and now I would be able to enjoy life more than work.

I sometimes wonder what it feels like to be rich, maybe I should look for a sugar daddy, or sell pictures of my foot because some people have a foot fetish,


"Cat do you want to swim?"

I look at Dario, "What did you just call me?"

"Cat?" He says in a slow tone,

I walk up to him "You can call me Lina but not Cat" I shove my hand in his face "I hate cats remember?"

He chuckles "I know, that's why I said it."

I want to slap him but Ricardo threw me over his shoulder and went to the side of the boat.

"Ric you better don't throw me in the fucking water." I slapped his back.

"Or what?" He leaned over and pretended to throw me into the water making me scream,

"There are fishes in the water, I hate fish" I paused "And if you're not careful I'll put you on the list of things that I hate the most" He took another step closer to the edge,

"Rica-" He threw me in the water,

That fucker,

I felt something on my foot that made me swim up quickly

"Something touched my foot!" I grabbed the side of the boat and threw myself on the boat,

I pull my hair out of my face and look at Ricardo,

He's going down,

"Cat- I mean Lina" He laughed "I didn't mean too you kn-"

I pushed him over the edge, which cost me a lot of effort,

But i did.

Victor and Dario were laughing in the background.

I plopped myself on the couch and Dario handed me a towel that I wrapped around me. Ricardo came out of the water and shot me an angry look,

"You started bitch" I looked at Ric.

"Do you know that bitch stands for, Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming and hot?" He put his hand on his hip and imitated me.

"Very funny" I scrunched my nose.

We are sailing back at a leisurely pace,

"I want to go to Ibiza" I nodded with certainty.

"What's stopping you?" Victor tilted his head,

"Money and work" I replied "Not everyone grew up in a rich family like you guys did" I said a little irritated.

"We'll pay" Ricardo punched me in the arm,

"But then we'll go with you" Dario replied.

"Yeah duh, who else should I go with" I joked, They kept looking at me seriously, oh wait are they serious?

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