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E L L I E    R O S E ~

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E L L I E    R O S E ~

It's already been a week since we got back from Paris. It seems like Mason trying to avoiding me. He doesn't answered my calls nor gave any replied to my texts. Maybe he's busy with his works? Or Maybe he's regretting? I don't know but it hurts. I miss him so badly. Even When we were coming back to Italy he was avoiding me. It hurts so bad.

"Ellie? Are you okay?" I heard Caylee saying. I took a deep breathe and glanced at her. "I'm okay" I quietly replied causing her to roll eyes. "It doesn't seems like you're okay"

"It's Mason.. I think he's regretting" I murmured playing with my fingers. "What do you mean by he's regretting?" Caylee asked. Her eyebrows scrunching together. I looked up at her taking another deep breath. Melanie stared at me with frowned waiting for my answer.

"He isn't answering my calls neither replying my any messages and it seems like he's avoiding me" I answered. Caylee pursed her lips crossing her arms over her chest. "He could be busy too, El. Stop thinking so negative" she respond.

I think she's right. He could be busy right?

"I think you should go and meet up with him" Melanie suggest putting her hands on her hips. "Maybe something is off, that's why he's avoiding you El, you should go and talk with him"

Caylee took a deep breath and nod agreeing with Melanie.

That's when my bedroom door got slightly open and My mum head popped up. She smiled at us but slightly frowned when she notice how serious conversation we're in.

"I was about to order pizza" My mum whispered. We three nodded our head approvingly with smile. Mum smiled and disappeared closing the door behind her. It was silent before Caylee throw a pillow on Melanie face causing her to groaned.

"What the- Caylee!" Melanie grabbed another pillow and throw that over caylee but bad luckily hit my face. Caylee covered her mouth with hands stopping herself from laughing. Before I could even speak she threw another pillow on my face.

"I'm not sorry, baby" Melanie flipped her hair with smirk. I roll my eyes grabbing two pillows and throwing them on Melanie. Calyee grabbed the chips bowl drowning the chips all over my head and we three burst into laugh as we began to play pillow fighting and chips fighting.

Finally For a movement I forgot about Mason.

I've the best mum and best friends ever.


I woke up in the afternoon on the floor of my bedroom. My back was sore and my legs were aching. I liftedmy head to see caylee's arm and leg dangling on the side of my bed. On the other side of the room, Melanie peacefully sleeping on the floor with a pillow over her face. I slowly lift my heavy, sore body from the floor. Ugh my body hurting. My whole room was mess with chips all over the floor and on the bed with pillows. Mum not gonna like this at all. I carefully made my ways to the bathroom. I stripped off my pajamas and turned on the shower. After few minutes of cold shower, I got out from the bathroom with towel wrapped around my body to see the sleeping beauties. They aren't awake yet. I guess I've to clean the room by myself.

I changed into something comfortable and began to cleaning the room. By now Caylee was awake and was helping me to cleaned the room while another sleeping beauty Melanie still sleeping with soft snores hugging the pillow. After cleaning the room me and caylee made our way downstairs to the kitchen.

 After cleaning the room me and caylee made our way downstairs to the kitchen

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(Ellie's Outfit)

"My back is still hurting" I groaned as caylee let out a chuckled. "Yeah I kicked you out from the bed" she replied pouring a glass of water. "I know" I roll my eyes. That's when Melanie walked into the kitchen rubbing her eyes.

"I'm dying from headache" she Muttered taking the glass from Caylee's hand. "Hey- that's mine" caylee grumble making me giggle. Melanie shrugged drinking the water causing caylee to roll her eyes.

After droving Caylee and Melanie off their home, I drove towards Mason office. I stopped the car in front of the big building and got out from car walking inside the building. As I get into the elevator two man wearing suit got inside. I took a deep breathe pressing on 12th floor. It was silent.

"Aren't you're Ellie?" One of them spoke. I glanced at him and nod my head. "I'm Matteo, Mason's best friend" he genuinely smiled at me. "Oh I'm-" I got cut off by another man voice.

"I know, You're someone really close to Mason" That man said with arm crossed over his chest. "I'm Antonio" he smile. I've seen them with Mason before but I didn't knew their best friends of Mason. "Nice to meet you" I smiled at them as they nod their head approvingly.

"Are you here to meet Mason?" Antonio asked raising a eyebrow at me. "Yeah. It's been a week since I last saw him so I just thought to visit him" I answered. They looked at each other than back at me.

"I don't think you should meet him right now" Matteo said when the elevator door got opened. I stared at him in confused. "Why?" I asked as my eyebrows scrunched together. Antonio took a deep breathe. Something is off. They opened their mouth to speak but I quickly got out from the elevator walking towards Mason office room. I don't know why but my heart was beating so faster that I'm afraid it might explode anytime now. Without knocking I pushed the door opened and I immediately regret. My eyes got widened when I saw Mason holding a gun pressed at a man's temple. That man was begging him to not kill him, groaning. Mason jaw clenched as he pull the trigger and in a blink that man was laying on the floor lifelessly. I felt as I'm about to faint anytime now as I saw blood on the floor coming from that man head. I can't breathe.

Mason just killed a innocent man.

To be continued..

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