『 Chapter ☆ 2: And So Two Becomes Three 』

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Italic = Flashbacks, words characters say to themselves in their heads uses " ", used to put emphasis on words in normal font. Can also be someone telling a story in not in the present if accompanied by these: 『 』

Standard = Present time, first person thoughts/observations that are not words a character speaks to them self in their head, with " " are words spoken out loud , words characters say to themselves in their heads durring flashbacks uses " ".

~ ~ = Time skip (placed in the middle of the page)

~ ~ ~ = The break in the page to distinguish the difference between what is part of the story and what isn't.

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(Just a reminder for those who may not have seen it before, I'm aging up any love interest characters under the age of 18 for moral reasons of course. I also aged Lisa down to 25 to make her a more appropriate age because despite them all being adults, 32 was a bit too much. I already edited the prior chapter to better reflect that change.)

~ ~ ~

Two Months Later...

(Y/n)'s POV

Waking up as the sun begins to rise, I leave the tent, making sure to be careful not to rouse the other occupant. Aether is sleeping soundly, chest rising and falling in time with his soft breaths. A little bit of drool dribbling from the corner of his mouth, to which I have to stifle a chuckle in fear of waking the blond.

After exiting the structure made of thin cloth, I move towards a medium sized metal pot held up by sticks. Beside it, off to the left, is a bundle of dry sticks. Picking some of them up from the pile, I place them over the coals from the previous fire before lighting it up. (If you didn't choose pyro as your element then you just rubbed two sticks together until they caught fire.) Carefully tending to the flames, I wait till they're hot enough to begin cooking. Taking the last of the mushrooms and chicken, I get to work making chicken mushroom skewers. Minimal ingredients, easy to make and light to carry makes them a perfect snack for travellers.

This has become routine for the two of us over the past two months. Wake up early, make breakfast and then help Aether practice the skills needed to survive as a wandering traveler in Teyvat. Practice consists of a bit of combat training, foraging, basic history and geography. Today's topic of learning will be about visions. It's also the last topic I have left to explain. As the weeks went by, the golden eyed man has become more adept at finding materials and ingredients as well as in the art of swordplay.

I still remember when I gave him my spare sword, telling the blond that he needed to make sure he could defend himself. After all, Teyvat is a land full of hostile beings. If you're going to travel, the ability to protect yourself is an important one to have.


"I know you fought against this Sustainer of heavenly principles. I'm not sure what weapon you used but since this is the only regular weapon I have on me at the moment, I'll be teaching you how to use a sword." I tell the male as we stand across from each other in a flat open swath of grass. The blond chuckles in reply as I raise an eyebrow in question. Catching the hint, he wastes no time in explaining the reason for his amusement.

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