Chapter 23

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Slight Black Widow spoiler warning. (Not really much, just a character mention and place and inside joke😂)


3rd person POV:

"I still think it's Budapest."

Natasha scoffed. "Rick seriously? You're starting this again?" Rick just shrugged his shoulders, directing his attention back to the small TV in Nat's trailer.

"Oh shit," He said, sitting up with his elbows resting on his knees and his eyes glued to the TV. His words managed to grab Nat's attention.

"What? What's going on?" She said from outside the open door.
"Uh, how long has it been since you talked to Katia, or heard from her?" He said, his tone weary and confused.

"Two years, why? What's happened?" She asked, quickly making her way over to the small couch next to him. The News played, a woman was talking with a photo of Katia on the screen and the headline 'BREAKING NEWS: Former Avenger and current fugitive Katia Alina Maximoff goes on a massacre'

"Former avenger and current fugitive Katia Maximoff was involved in combat against nineteen people at 12:15am this morning on Waymouth street in London. All nineteen dead were members of the Hydra terrorist organisation. The same organisation where her abilities manifested just under four years ago." The reporter lady began.
"Shit. Shit. Fuck." Nat cursed under her breath, not taking her eyes off of the TV as it continued. She tried to call Katia's burner phone but it went straight to voicemail.

"While the teen fugitive was in hiding it was believed she was staying with an ex-spy and a daughter of a high status Hydra member, both of who were found dead from bullets in the apartment along with three of the Hydra members. The bullets that caused their death were believed to be fired beforehand as witnesses were recorded to hear gun shot around fifteen minutes before the conflict broke out.

Many reports of front windows of the apartments being shattered at the same time followed by clear uses of Miss Maximoff's power. Many were awoken at the scene and began their videoing as evidence. Viewer discretion is advised for the following clip as it shows scenes of extreme violence and gore that may be disturbing for some viewers."

The lady reporting was replaced with a clip from someone's phone, clearly from an apartment across the street. Katia was tearing through the sixteen people quicker than was expected and too ruthlessly for her to be in control of what she is doing. The video zoomed in on her face. Her eyes were ablaze with an amethyst hue and her face was dripping in a mix of her own and others' blood. Her face showed nothing but pure rage and vengeance.

A small gasp left both their mouths as they watched her set someone on fire. Their faces were pure shock when they watched her rip bodies apart with vines like they were made of paper. "That's not Katia. Something has got to be in her head. The kid I knew would never do anything like that, even to Hydra. If so she would have hunted them down a long time ago." Nat's voice was small, she sat with her head in her hands as it continued. But was drawn back at her small yell that followed a crack. She winced at the sight of Katia holding her side before retaliating.

The footage ended and the reporter returned. "Katia Maximoff fled after the incident minutes after being recorded raiding through first aid boxes. She was last seen leaving a pharmacy just off of Waymouth street and heading north. Police and the government officials responsible for her arrest are carrying out a manhunt throughout London and surrounding areas, aswell as keeping their radiation trackers on to find her power and find her wherever she may go. Police guarantees a trial to be held for first degree murder and genocide. More News after the brea-"

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