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I throw off the sheets in frustration and walk to the kitchen.

I take a glass of water and sit on the counter, What time is it even? I look at the clock on the oven 03:18am,


A male ballerina is called a ballerino, I think a male ballerina should be given a different name. Like Baller or just a standard name like Albert. Get where I'm going for? Ballerino is too standard and boring.

I nodded knowing I'm right.

I look back to see Ricardo walking down the hall, Is he sleepwalking?

If so then I will wake him up, they always say not to wake up sleepwalking people. And I want to know why. When people tell you not to do something, I'm more inclined to do it.

"Why are you awake?"

Nevermind he's awake, "I couldn't sleep" I took another sip of water "And I was thirsty" I hold up the glass. He nods in understanding.

"And what about you?"

"I was hot"


I frown, "And you're already sleeping half naked" I point my hand at his sweatpants, I don't mind seeing his sixpack tho.

Hey! Don't judge me. I have eyes too, Dario and Ricardo are both attractive.

Very attractive.

He chuckles "I'm going to sit on the balcony, wanna join?" He pointed his thumb over his shoulders to the balcony.

I shrugged "I wouldn't want you to feel alone" I walk to the balcony. It is not even cold outside and there is almost no wind.

Good to know, otherwise my hair would be completely ruined which often annoys me.

Then you have done your hair very nicely and then suddenly wind comes and you look like an exploded cat,

Ugly and aggressive.

Yes my hatred for cats is serious.

Give me a cat, ever.

And i'll break your neck.

That was a threat,

"What are you guys going to do tomorrow?" Or should I say this evening? Because it's already 03:32am by now.

He turned his head to me and looks at me like I just asked the dumbest question ever, "What?"


"What do you think we're going to do tomorrow?"

"Um... Watch porn?" I said jokingly.


"Yes i don't know, maybe you guys could do it for each other" I wrapped my arm around my stomach laughing badly.

Bad habit, again.

"We're going to the club Memo"

I look at him weird "Memo?"

"It means sucker" He nods.

"How do you say you're ugly in Spanish?"

"Eres guapo"                                                                                                                                                                          (You're handsome)

"Well Eres guapo"

I stick out my tongue

"So you guys go to the club too?" I ask.

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