Chapter 41

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"Jade, you can't go see your uncle right now, you need to rest" Dante insisted, preventing Jade from opening the car door as they passed the cells and continued toward the pack house.

"You promised me I could see him once you brought him back!" Jade shouted.

"Yes, and you will" Dante replied, trying to maintain his composure and keep from raising his voice to match Jade's shouts. "You were fighting for your life, and you were kidnapped! You need to stop and calm down a few minutes and give yourself time to recover."

The vehicle came to a stop in front of the pack house, and Dante led a reluctant Jade through the front door and up the stairs to his room. Most of the destruction that occurred in the last few hours was being cleaned up, all the wounded had been taken to the infirmary and within a few hours, there would be little physical evidence left of what had happened earlier in the day.

"He has to pay for what he's done. He had my family murdered, my pack, he betrayed us all" Jade said with a growl, as Dante continued to guide her forward through the bedroom and into the bathroom.

"And he will, and I'll take you to see him soon, but first you need to take care of yourself" Dante said calmly, but with authority. "Take a shower and rest, and I'll take you to him in the morning. I'll be back in a few minutes, I need to check in with everyone and talk to Jackson for a few minutes."

Peter, Dante communicated via mind-link with his Gamma. I need you come make sure Jade doesn't leave the room. She needs to rest. Get someone to watch the window, and you stay here outside the door until I get back. I just need a few minutes to talk to Jackson.

On my way, Sir replied Peter, and within a minute he was stationed outside of the Alpha's bedroom door.

About ten minutes later, the bedroom door opened and Jade popped her head outside, and immediately saw Peter standing there.

"Damn it!" she muttered under her breath and then slammed the door shut.

Dante met up with Jackson at the infirmary to check on the wounded they had brought back with them, including the other omega slaves they had rescued from Luther's pack.

"We were able to save six of the omegas, one didn't make it" Jackson said quietly.

"What about our pack members?" Dante asked sadly.

"We didn't have any casualties at Luther's, I think their best warriors had been here to fight, and there weren't many at the pack, so we had the advantage there. A few were badly hurt though, many will take a few days to fully recover. Jennifer was hurt pretty bad. She fought well, but someone attacked her with silver."

"I should have seen this coming" replied Dante. "I was so focused on the meeting with George, I didn't even consider that it was a distraction to get Jade from our territory."

"You can't blame yourself, Dante. None of us expected this. How's Jade holding up?"

"She's determined to see George, but I'm making her rest first. If she wants to kill him, I'm going to let her" responded Dante, as the anger inside of him began to surface. "If I hadn't promised to let her see him, he'd be dead already."

"From all accounts, she fought well and saved lives while we were gone. She's going to be an amazing Luna" responded Jackson, trying to redirect Dante's train of thought.

"She is" responded Dante. "I don't know what I would have done, if...if" and Dante stopped speaking, as he choked back the sob in his throat.

Dante and Jackson headed back to the pack house, as the both talked to others in the pack via mind-link, giving instructions for getting everything back in order as much as was possible for the evening.

"Go take care of Jade, and try to rest. Evelyn and I will handle anything else that comes up tonight" Jackson said to Dante.

"Thank you, Jackson. I'll see you in the morning. I'm going to close of the mind-link to the rest of the pack for the night, but I'll leave it open with you so you can let me know if I'm needed" Dante responded.

Dante headed upstairs. He felt defeated, and that he had let his pack down today. He thought he had planned everything in a way that would keep everyone safe, but he had left much of his pack susceptible to attack, including Jade. He couldn't stop his mind from returning to the image of her at Luther's slumped on the floor and bleeding, seconds away from Luther claiming her for his own.

Dante dismissed Peter as he approached the door and he stepped into the bedroom to see an angry Jade, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Can we go now?" she demanded.

Dante didn't answer her, and instead just walked over to her, dropped to his knees and rested his head in her lap, trying to release the strain of the lest several hours. 

Whatever Jade expected from Dante at this moment, it wasn't that. She was ready to argue until she got her was and was allowed to see her uncle. She had never seen him so defeated or so upset. She had seen him angry and she had seen him fighting to see her life, but she had never seen him like this, so vulnerable.

"Hey" she said gently, as she lifted his face in her hands. "I'm here" she said, "it's ok."

"I almost lost you" Dante said, looking into her soft brown eyes. "If Luther had marked you, it would have killed me" and Dante dropped his face back into Jade's lap, as his tears began to fall. "Just the thought of you in his clutches makes me want to kill every wolf who has ever been loyal to him."

"But I'm not in his clutches any more, and I never will be. You were there for me when I needed you most, and I'll always be here for you, from now on" and Jade lifted his head again, and kissed him gently on his eyes, as she brushed away his tears.

Jade continued to kiss Dante's face, and then down his neck, eliciting a low growl of pleasure from him. Dante stood up, and pulled Jade into his arms, and he kissed her soft lips, deepening the kiss as he ran his fingers through her hair. Jade kissed him back with fervor, and leaned into him slowly pushing him to walk backwards until they bumped into the wall. Jade was standing on her toes, leaning against him, pinning him to the wall as she kissed him, moving from his mouth along his jaw and down his neck.

Dante let out a soft groan as Jade kissed him, moving her mouth down his neck, and he could feel her teeth elongate, as she began to nibble at him. He lifted her into his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist, and then she bit into his neck, causing him to growl loudly in pleasure, as she marked him as her mate. Jade then licked the mark to seal the wound. Dante walked her over to the bed, her legs still wrapped around him, as he kissed her passionately. They tumbled onto the bed, limbs still entwined, and Dante began kissing down her chest, removing clothing as he went.

Dante worked his kisses all over her body, and then back up to her neck, gently teasing her soft skin with his tongue and lips, occasionally nipping with his teeth. Jade moaned in pleasure, grabbing onto his shoulders and arching her back, as her body instinctively tried to remove any space between them. Dante then sunk his teeth into the soft curve of Jade's neck. She groaned and writhed in his grasp, gasping in pleasure as her body continued to move against him, shockwaves of pleasure and arousal radiating between them.

Dante licked her wounds, as she had done his, to stop any bleeding and close the wound. As soon as he had marked her, they could both feel a surge of power and connection, having completed the marking of each other, and their bodies moved together in a unison of passion, need and carnal instinct, as they bound themselves together, completing their mate bond to each other.

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