Chapter 17

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Narrators Pov

Waking up with puke all over you and a giggling toddler is definitely not on my bucket list

And it wouldn't be anytime soon

But I guess it was on Liv's. Since she woke up exactly like that

While the toddler giggled, laughing at her moms puke filled hair and clothes

Can we kill the kid?

Liv groaned annoyed before lifting the toddler off her waist and getting out of bed

She analyzed the mess the toddler made on her in the mirror. She narrowed her eyes turning around to the toddler who was still giggling at her.

Perfect way to start the day

A soft knock along with a call sounded on Liv's door, she lazily made her way to the door opening it to reveal the woman from the other day

"Miss ka-" the woman looked up with her mouth ajar to see a puke clothed disheveled teen

" Don't even mention it" Liv grumbled looking at the woman that was trying to contain her laughter

At that, the woman bust out into fits of laughter while Liv stood cursing slightly

"I was here to wake you up but it seems you're already up," The hazel hair woman said after finally calming down

"Yes, a certain toddler woke me up," Liv said emphasizing the word toddler

" Do you want me to monitor her while you freshen up?" the woman asked

"Yes please" Liv groaned

with that said, Liv stepped aside allowing the woman to enter her room 

"by the way, I didn't quite catch your name" Liv inquired whilst making her way over to her inbuilt bathroom

"That's because I didn't throw it" she smirked

"Haha, funny" Liv commented sarcastically

"It's Adeena" the woman giggled away with the toddler

Liv nodded her head quickly before bolting into the bathroom, leaving her daughter and her possible new friend

After doing her business she stepped out of the shower and started to look around for the clothes she had brought in

Realizing she had left the clothes she quickly and quietly stepped out of the bathroom

She looked over to her bed and saw Adeena facing backward with Valerie

Liv quietly took up her clothes and slipped them on right there. She smoothened out her skirt before turning her body to look at her reflection in the mirror

She wore a black tight high biker skirt, along with a white sweatshirt that carried the embroidery of the Los Angeles Guess logo. Along with her simple outfit was her favorite black heeled boots

Liv wasn't the dress fancy to make people gawk over me type neither was she the type to wear something out of her comfort zone to please someone. As she would say, 

"I won't give a fuck what people think of me until Caillou starts growing hair."

That...that's dark

She took one last look at herself before stepping away from the mirror and turning around to be met with Adeena staring at her with eyes so wide, you would mistake them for saucers

"What?" Liv asked making her way over to them

Adeena just kept staring at her wide-eyed, while still following her every movement

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