Chapter 42

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Jade woke up with a throbbing headache. Her wolf was going a little crazy, as new voices were filling her head. After being marked and completing the mate bond with Dante, it had opened the mind link with his pack, their pack. She was feeling their voices and communication coming through the link and was struggling to control it.

"Jade" Dante asked, propping himself up onto his forearm, and leaning toward her, gently brushing the hair from her face. "Are you ok? You're whimpering."

"I'm ok... it's the voices, in my head... I can hear them all" she faltered with a wince.

"Welcome to the pack, my Luna" Dante said to her, as he kissed her forehead. "It will get better and easier to control, I'm sorry it's so much all at once. Just focus on one voice at a time to quiet it in your mind. It won't take long for you to be able to open and close the link for everyone, and pick and choose who to keep it open for" he assured her.

"Do you think they will accept me?" Jade whispered, looking searchingly into Dante's eyes.

"You've more than proved your worth to them. You've fought alongside them and protected them. They already love you and accept you."

"I hope you're right" she replied softly.

"We'll schedule the Luna ceremony soon, once we've dealt with some of what's be going on" Dante said.

"Speaking of which" Jade said, as she got up and began to get dressed. "I need to see my uncle."

"I know" Dante said, as got up to get dressed as well. "Let's check in with Jackson and Evelyn, make sure there aren't any emergencies to deal with, and I'll take you to see him."

Evelyn was fulfilling her role as the Beta's mate, taking full charge of everything that needed to be done. She had made the necessary arrangements for the repairs needed around the pack house, had everyone needing medical care situated appropriately at the pack hospital, she had delegate specific wolves for preparation and delivery of meals to the homes and dorm rooms of wolves who were recovering outside of the hospital and had already taken steps toward preparation of the funerals of those they had lost.

Jackson had been busy communicated with other packs regarding the recent events, informing everyone of the roles each pack had played, as well has the details of what they had discovered regarding Luther and George in the massacre of the Silver Crescent. He was also providing communication to the Council regarding what had taken place, assuring them that Dante would be providing them with full details soon.

"How are you, Dear?" Evelyn asked of Jade, while Dante and Jackson discussed the conversations Jackson had been having with the leaders of other packs.

"I'm ok. I feel much better after some rest" Jade replied.

"Welcome to the pack, Luna" Evelyn said with a smile, noting the mark Dante had left on Jade's neck.

"Thank you, Evelyn. It's a bit overwhelming. My head is throbbing from the mind-links and I'm afraid of what the pack will think of me" Jade confided to Evelyn, her eyes dropping to her fidgeting fingers as she spoke.

"I want you to remember two things, as you move forward into your role as Luna" Evelyn began, while she lifted Jade's face with her hands, and looked directly into her eyes. "First, you were born for this. The Moon Goddess chose you to be Luna alongside Dante. And second, anyone who has a problem with it is an ignorant fool. You have proven yourself in a multitude of ways, not the least of which was protecting the pack yesterday when we were attacked."

"Maybe" Jade said, "But the only reason we were attacked was because of me."

"Exactly!" Evelyn said with a nod. "Because of you, because of your strength and your value. Alphas don't go around attacking other packs and trying to kidnap she-wolves at random. Luther came here, because he knew you were destined to be an amazing Luna, and he wanted you for himself. But you were meant for Dante. You're everything he isn't, a perfect complement to him, and the two of you will be amazing leaders together."

"I hope I can live up to that level of expectation" Jade replied with a soft smile, as she tried to see herself the way Evelyn portrayed her.

"Are you ready?" Dante asked Jade, as he and Jackson walked over to join the two women.

"Yes" Jade responded with determination, and Dante took her hand as they started walking toward the holding cells where Jade's Uncle George was being held.

"Do you know what you're going to say to him?" Dante asked her quietly.

"No" Jade responded. "But I have to confront him. I need to know why, and he needs to know that he will suffer for this."

"He will suffer" Dante said, wrapping his arm around Jade as they continued their walk. "Just say the word, and I'll rip his head off."

"If his head is going to come off," Jade said with a growl "I'll do it myself."

Dante shuddered a little at seeing this vengeful side of Jade. He was proud of her bravery, but he could feel the rage rolling off of her in waves, and it even scared him a little.

Dante led Jade through the doors leading down a set of stairs, to where the holding cells extended in a long row. It was much like a basement, to help prevent opportunity for escape, with concrete walls extending the length of the facility. Each cell was also fitted with silver bars, to prevent any werewolf prisoners from being able to reach through or attempt escape without causing themselves significant pain.

Jade stepped in front of Dante and walked up to the cell where her uncle was being held. She lifted her head proudly, with determination, the anger she was trying to restrain flashing in her eyes. She looked directly at her uncle who was asleep on a cot in his cell.

"Hello, Uncle George" Jade said, through gritted teeth.

George opened his eyes and stood up slowly. He looked at Jade for a few seconds before walking toward her, stopping a few feet away from the bars that were separating them.

"Well, well, well" he said. "The cowardly brat has finally come to see her uncle, whose life you destroyed. I'm not surprised you're only willing to see me while I'm stuck in a cell behind silver, and you've got this lug of a brute to protect you" he said, nodding in toward Dante. "You're weak. You always have been, and you always will be."

Author's Note: Thank you all for coming back to read this next chapter. I hope you like it! I really appreciate everyone's comments and encouragement to continue this story and bring it to a better conclusion than I had originally given it. I had been feeling burned out with the story, but now I'm really excited to finish it well, and even thinking about and developing some concepts for my next Werewolf story that will be something of a spin-off from this one that will include some of the characters from this story. Enjoy!

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