Chapter- 19

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Evan's POV

"Where are we going?" She asked as soon as she settled in the car.

"Well, hello to you too. " She smiled sheepishly at me, a faint smile touching my lips too.

"You'll see once we reach." The rest of the ride fell in a comfortable silence. She was absent-mindedly looking out of the window. Once I parked the car at the restaurant, she came out of her trance and immediately I saw her freeze. I opened her side of her door.

"Shall we?" She looked startled for a second before nodding slowly and putting her hand in mine. I led her in.

"Thank you." She softly said as I pulled the chair for her. I nodded and sat myself down opposite her. She looked uncomfortable sitting here. Earlier when we were dating, I had brought her here a lot of times. In fact she used to love this place. I had decided on coming here to see if she was affected even a bit and from her looks she was.

"I didn't think we were coming here." I mentally smirked at her words.

"Why what's wrong here? You used to love this place . " I spoke, putting up an innocent face. She passed me a tight lipped smile and an awkward nod.

"Would you like to order?" A waiter came up. I ordered a steak with mashed potatoes while she took fish and chips and sparkling water. My gaze was intently fixed on her while her's was on the table with occasional glances at me. She tapped her fingers on the table till the food arrived.

"It's Sunday and we are the only people in the restaurant. I wonder why?" She spoke, putting the chips in her mouth.

"That's because it is reserved." Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion before her eyes widened.

"You booked the whole restaurant? That's such a waste of money!" she stopped abruptly and quickly stole a glance of my face. Her face turned slightly pink once she witnessed the amused expression on my face.

"Yeah, I know. You're a billionaire and all. That sounds stupid to you." The pink tinge on her cheeks were making her look beautiful but what captured my attention was something else. She wasn't elated that I had reserved the whole restaurant for her. Instead her first reaction showed that it seemed stupid to her to spend so much . I smiled seeing a bit of the old Brae in her, my sweet selfless Brae.

"So you wanted to say something?" She asked almost at the end of the lunch.

"Yes, I have an important question."


"Why did you leave me Brae?" Her shoulders stiffened at once . Blinking multiple times, she composed herself.

"I told you I have nothing to say about this." She was avoiding making eye contact with me.

"You said you didn't want to speak about your personal life at your workplace. I am sure we can talk here." I cocked my head  and stared at her. She pressed her lips together.

"It was nice having lunch with you Mr. Lewis. I would take your leave." She stood up and so did I. I gripped her by her arm, preventing her from escaping.

"Stop running Brae. Why can't you tell me the truth?" She took a deep breath and pulled her hand away from mine.

"Because there's nothing left to say Evan. I said whatever I had to three years back. I don't even understand what you want to know even." I was so tired of her pretend to not understand anything.

"The truth. I want the truth."

"It was the truth. Whatever I said was true."

"You lied." I gritted through my teeth. Patience was never my strong forte.

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