-Chapter Twelve-

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*Yawn* Good morning, let's open the window Alice's POV

Alice's go to bathroom and take a shower and after she taking a bath she wear her fabulous dress.

She go to kitchen and ready her breakfast, after she ready her breakfast she ate it.

Am by the way I gonna go today and tell Leo I'm going to Flara Hotel cause I going to met my friend there.

Of course Miss Alice im going to tell him.

Thank you and bye.

Alice go out and she go at Flara Hotel.

Leo is already awake and he go to Alice Room.

*Knock Knock*
Am Alice are you awake? May I come in?
Leo been ignored no one reply him

Leo open the door and he look Alice is not there in her room, so I think she run away from me.

Am May I ask, did you know where Alice go?

Am good morning Young Master Leo, well... Alice go in Flara Hotel cause she go to her friend.

Wait she go without me? Hyssst I'm go now there maybe she only trick me.

(At Flara Hotel)

Will I'm here now.

Alice phone was ring, *bring bring*

Am wait who's calling me?
Am wait, Leo call.
Am hello Leo why did you call?
Well.. I'm coming for you today.
What? But Leo I only need to go to my friend why you should to come with me.
Alice, i want only to come with you maybe you been hurt by someone, you know I been worry at you.

*sigh* ah ok but where are you now?

Well I'm almost here now in Flara Hotel.

Aw ok.

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