Chapter 13

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"Liam wai-" I went to reach out to grab his shoulder before I got yanked back by my father

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"Liam wai-" I went to reach out to grab his shoulder before I got yanked back by my father.

"Do you approve of him?" He says as he links arms with mine.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" I say pulling back, unlinking our arms.

"Wheres Liam?" He says as he changes the subject.

I see a waiter walk past holding a plate with 5 glasses of champagne.

"Don't worry about him." I say as I grab a glass of the champagne from the waiters plate.

I take at least one sip.

He grabs the glass from my hand.

"What?" I say reaching for it again.

He pulls it back before I can get it in my grasp.

"I won't have my daughter looking a fool." He says harshly.

I blink back the shock.
"It's a party." I hiss.

"And I know your a light weight. You can either make a fool of yourself or make a pleasant appearance. Now go run off and make our family a delight to hear of."

I stood shocked. What happened to my loving father that cared about me so much I thought he would never put me through this.

I can't imagine what my face must look like right now. I'm standing with my eye brows furrowed.

I give him a disgusted look before I walk off.

I want to leave. I want to pack up and leave and never come back to this shit show.

To get to the exit you have to cross the dance floor. I slither my way through all these people sucking up the tears I feel ready to flow.

My head is tilted down.
I hear people chiming at my presence but I keep moving towards the door.

I feel someone take my hand and pull me into their chest.

"What the hell!" I pull away only to look up and see Liam.

"Oh shoot. Sorry. You scared me." I mumble.

"You were about to run into that guy." He nods over to an old creepy guy trying to dance with all the young women.

I cringe.
And he smiles

"Look I'm sorry I didn't tell you." I shake my head.

"I know why you didn't." He says as he leans into my ear.

He takes his hand and places it on the back of my head gently guiding to rest on his shoulder as we sway to the music.

"So your not mad?" I whisper.

I feel him shake his head and I feel a wave of relief.

It's quiet between us now. The small chatter surrounds us and the soft music.

"I can't do this.." I finally say after a long moment of silence.

He pulls back to see my face.

"I have to marry him, Liam." I say while both my hands are flat on his chest.

"Yeah I know.." he says.

I blink a few times before resting my head on his chest this time.

I feel his arms wrap around my waste tightly.

"But I won't." I say suddenly.

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