Chapter 20

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I woke up in a hospital bed. I looked around and saw I was chained to the bed. Then I realized I wasn't breathing for myself. Then I felt the tube down my throat. I immediately freaked out and started thrashing around. A nurse bursted through the door and injected me with something. That's all I remember before going to sleep.


This was the same routine every time I woke up. I had no idea what day it was or what time it was, but this time when I woke up there was no breathing tube. I remembered before when they took it out, and I passed out from the feeling. I was still chained down to the bed though.

"Yo!" I shouted and groaned right after from the pain. A nurse came in.

"Hi, Y/N." She said.

"I know you. You were here when I overdosed the first time. And the second time." I said.

"Well I'm glad I'm here for your third time too. Maybe I can convince you to never come back here in my ICU." She said.

"Your ICU? You're a nurse. Wouldn't this be the doctor's ICU?" I said. She took the handcuffs off of me but not before tightening them to get me to shut up. I winced. "I like pain. Don't play with me."

She laughed loudly.

"You'd be surprised that nurses do a lot more than doctors. Doctors don't do shit compared to us. And also I'm a student nurse practitioner." She said.

"Dope shit." I responded and rubbed my wrist. "So I guess I OD'd?"

"Yes you did. And if your girlfriend wouldn't have called for help when she did you'd probably be dead." She told me.

"Oh shit. Ariana." I said and my heart sunk. I couldn't believe I put her through that.

"Yeah. Your parents won't allow anyone to come, so that the media doesn't catch wind of this, but Ariana calls everyday to check on you." The nurse said.

"Fuck. When do I get to leave?" I asked.

"Well we've had you sedated for the past week. So I'd give it another couple of days or so." She told me.

"What the fuck? Why?" I asked.

"Y/N, you had heart replacement surgery." She

"Then take it out! I can't take this heart! There are people that wait years to get one!" I shouted.

"Okay, lets calm down before you pop your stitches. You didn't take a heart from anyone. Your parents have had you at the top of the transplant list since your last incident." She said.

"So they didn't think I could be sober?" I asked.

"Well considering I've heard that you drink while being sober, I'd say no." She said. I rolled my eyes.

"Alcohol isn't fucking heroin." I said.

"Mm. Anyway. I'll be in here to check on you every few hours or so. Don't try anything." She said.

"Wait I don't even know you're name. And you can't leave me in here alone. I'm gonna be bored out of my mind." I said.

"My name is Ella." She said. "And you have a TV."

"Yeah, leave the heroin addict in here alone. I'll just drink all the fucking iv fluid since I'll be alone." I said.

"You enjoy that!" She said leaving.


"Rise and shine, Y/N. Here to take your vitals." Ella said coming in my room. I rubbed my eyes.

"It's like 5 in the morning." I said.

"Three thirty actually." She said.

"Do you have a fucking house to go home to?" I asked.

"I get off at six. Thank you for being concerned about my home!" She said.

"You seem like a fucking drug addict with the amount of energy you have." I said.

"Can you keep a secret? I do crack." Ella said. I laughed.

"You cool, bruh." I said.

"Thanks, Y/N. Now let me check your stitches." She said. I sat patiently while she looked over my chest.

"All good?" I asked.

"Perfect." She said. "I'll see you before you leave on Thursday, okay?"

"Sounds good." I said.


Accidentally confessed my undying love for my ex girlfriend last night. Smh.

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