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Hana Park thought she loved a lot of things. Maybe it was just her mind messing with her, but there was one thing she knew she loved for sure. Painting. She spent almost all of her waking moments stroking a brush on a blank canvas. She kept her circle fairly small, only keeping in touch with her college best friend. That is, until she meets a new group of people who she could actually tolerate.

Luca Morelli is known to most people as 'Boss' and 'Chief.' He does the one thing he thinks he's good at, being Chief to the New York FBI Field Unit. He was content with his group of agents, who also double as his only friends. But someone invades that tight-knit group, a woman who threatens his mind and his heart.

At first glance, they have nothing in common. Different styles, different hobbies, different lives. But underneath the hard concrete surface, they both share secrets that could demolish the relationship they've built from the ground up. The question is will they be able to reconstruct it or will it all be crushed into rocks?



Hana Blossom Park
"Please forgive me, I've got demons in my head."
Demons - Hayley Kiyoko

Luca Christiano Morelli 25"Come out and haunt me

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Luca Christiano Morelli
"Come out and haunt me. I know you want me."
Apocalypse - Cigarettes After Sex

"Apocalypse - Cigarettes After Sex

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This book does contain mentions of domestic abuse, violence, blood, guns, murder, and cursing.
Also, there will be NO SMUT, I'm not gonna even attempt writing it.


1. Please don't read this book if you are sensitive to the warnings listed above. I will put warnings for domestic abuse before chapters, but will probably forget to put warnings for fight scenes and shootings.

2. Do not repost my writing anywhere without credit. Plagiarism is very illegal and it's very pitiful that you would claim my writing as yours.


this is my first published book so bear with me. if you find any grammar mistakes PLEASE correct me. i also hit a lot of writer's block so please be patient when waiting for the next chapter, i swear it'll be worth it
double also, i like putting pics of hana's outfits at the top of the chapters so lookout for that
ps, luca povs are heavily influenced by criminal minds bc i have no idea how the actual fbi works

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