Chapter 12 finally

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Kazuha woke up to an empty house or almost empty. "Kazuha my beloved you're up!" Kazuha chuckled at Aether and hugged him "Where are Xiao and Venti?" "Sayu's school thingy" "Aw what a shame I wanted to give her something for the first day" "Don't worry Kazuha she'll have a second day of school you can give it to her then,I'll make sure to wake you" Kazuha nodded his head
"Venti would you stop" "She looks so adorable I couldn't help it" "Venti we have to talk to her teacher still" "Oh right I guess the pictures can wait" Xiao sighed as he pulled Venti towards Sayu's new teacher.
*guess who's making an appearance. That's right the bitchy ass electro archon*.
"Hello Ms...?" "Oh Baal you,can call me Baal" Xiao shook her hand and smiled "I'm Xiao and this is Venti my husband" "Ah you're Sayu's parents correct?" Xiao nodded his head "I wanted to ask you more about Sayu's sleeping obsession you had mentioned it before"
"Oh right Sayu has always been obsessed with getting taller and Xiao's sister Ganyu told her sleeping helps growing and ever since all she's ever done was sleep" "Im guessing that explains why she's asleep under the table? Don't worry though I'll make sure she has a place to sleep" Xiao chuckled while picking up Sayu. "Thank you we do try to have her stay up but I don't want to force her"
After a few more minutes of talking Xiao and Venti said goodbye to Sayu and left to school themselves.
"Xiao,Venti! You guys are finally here!" "Yup we're here" "Xiao are you sure leaving Aether at the house was a good idea?" "He has Kazuha with him he'll be fine" "Hello! You guys are totally ignoring me!" "Oh sorry Lumine did you need something?" "You are aware that Hu Tao isn't here right?" "I am now where is she?" "A family reunion. She wanted me to tell you two that she's be gone and might come back Wednesday since she doesn't want to do a ton of work"
"And before you ask no I won't be at your house" "Where're you gonna be then?" "I have me people" "It's Amber" "oh yea it's definitely Amber" "Ok so what if it's Amber! She's really nice and adorable" "Isn't she staying in the dorms?" "She's willing to risk getting in trouble so I don't have to worry about finding somewhere to stay while Hu Tao is gone" *I should probably say Lumine was staying with Hu Tao and her family*
"Hm well you have fun turns out I have three kids to look after" "Really you two have more kids?" "Nope non that I know of" "Sayu,Aether,and Venti, yup sounds about right" "Hey! It was funny for Aether but not me!" "I don't know it does seem like Xiao is constantly babysitting you" "Wha-" Venti got cut off by Xiao handing him his phone.
"What's wrong with your phone?" "Your mom tried calling you but you didn't answer" "Oh right I turned it off during Sayu's school thing thanks" Venti took Xiao's phone and walk off talking to his mom
"You have his moms number?" "No I have no idea how she got it" Kazuha and Xiao started talking about their lovers odd hobbies then Venti appeared again. "Come on Xiao" "Where are we going?" "We gotta go to the hospital" "Why?" "You'll see there just go to this hospital" Venti showed Xiao the hospitals address. "We can go after school ends okay? We already missed two" Venti nodded his head
"I feel like I'm unneeded here right now" "Oh yea I saw Aether he was running away from some boy with Blue hair" "Hm alright then I'll see you two later"
Kazuha walked towards the place Venti was and saw Aether running and apparently Aether saw him as well because he began to run towards him.Once he finally made it to him he sounded like he was on the verge of dying. "Aether are you okay?" "Oh hello! I'm Xingqiu" The boy smiled and stuck out his hand. Kazuha smiled then shook it "Don't act nice now Kazuha he was torturing me!" Kazuha sided and pulled Aether close to him "Don't worry you big baby you're fine" "Oh Aether it's fun I don't know why you ran off" "Eating Juryun Chili peppers isn't fun especially not when you're trying to eat ice cream!" Aether squeezed Kazuha tighter. Xingqiu giggled then a boy with light blue hair appeared. "Xingqiu I told you to stop torturing people" "Who's this?" "Oh that's Chongyun Xingqiu's boyfriend" "You know them?" "Classes and I'm pretty sure they were in some of Xiao's streams" Kazuha slowly nodded as he saw many students start walking around "It must be time for our next class I'll see you later Aether" Kazuha gave Aether quick kiss then left.
Ganyu sighed as she sat down at lunch she was alone due to keqing being home sick. "Where's your little girlfriend?" "I'm sorry who are you?" "Don't worry about that,that purple cat girl what happened to her?" "She's home sick why?" "Hm no reason have a good lunch weirdo" The boy smiled as he poured Ganyu's drink on her head casually most of the cafeteria started laughing at her. She tried her best to ignore them but some kid decided to come up to her "Don't worry I'm sure that your ahem "brother" will come and help you" "Xiao's in a University and has his own kid to take care of I'm ok" "Look at her she still thinks Xiao cares about her" The girl flicked Ganyus forehead "He has a family of his own you're his last priority idiot" The girl took Ganyu's sandwich and shoved it in her face "Go one eat it like you eat everything else"Ganyu stood up and walked away not wanting them to see her cry it didn't help that she tripped while wearing and skirt either. "Look at her she's wearing princess shorts!" The entire cafeteria started laughing at her and that's what broke her she ran out to her locker got her phone and constantly called Xiao's phone.
"Ganyu? What's the matter why're you calling me back to back I'm in class" "I hate it here Xiao they all hate me! Each and every single one of them!" "Ok ok calm down Ganyu, tell me what happened" "I was just trying to eat my lunch in peace then then this boy poured my drink all over me then some girl started picking at me and telling me I eat everything then when I tried leaving I tripped and and-" "Ok Ganyu calm down you know where my house is right?" "Yea why?" "Go there I have a spare key in the plants it's there for Venti but I want you to go there and change some of Hu Tao's clothes are in the laundry room" "Ok thanks Xiao" "No worries,alright I gotta go love you" "Love you too"
"Who was that?" Xiao looked up at his teacher "Oh it was my little sister she was getting bullied at school so she ran off" "Oh dear I hope she's okay, does she have anywhere to go?" "Yea she's going to my house right now" "Alright I'm just glad she's alright,if you need anymore time to talk to her feel free to alright sweetie?" "I'll keep it in mind thank you"
Lisa will always one of Xiao's favorite librarian she was nice and understanding unless you borrowed a book and forgot to return it then that would land you a two week detention.
Once school ended Xiao and Venti went home as for Kazuha and Aether they were forced to go somewhere with Lumine.
"Xiao you said you'd take me" "I know but Ganyu's at our house she's been there for a while now" "Why? Did something happen at school?" "She was getting bullied" "Burn it down" "What?" "The school burn it down anyone that hurts Ganyu deserves it" "Calm down I'm pretty sure burning the school down would upset Ganyu she loves school" "Oh right"
"Ganyu! I'm home are you okay?!" "Yea I'm fine" "You most certainly don't look fine" Xiao sighed placing his keys and backpack down the held out his hands"Come here I guess I have to be a good big brother" Ganyu hugged Xiao and quietly began crying again. "Shhh Ganyu it's okay I'll make sure those kids don't mess with you anymore okay?" "How you have school yourself you can't go to my school right randomly" Xiao smiled "Don't worry I have my ways just go take a nap in my room ok? Venti and I have somewhere to go" Ganyu nodded her head and squeezed Xiao tighter

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