Chapter 29: The News

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'My Lady also wants her as a mother, Correct?'

Jennette couldn't stop thinking about the gentleman's word. Although she already said that she can't be the daughter of that warm lady, the truth is she's still yearning for affection. The Lady gave it to her even if it's a short time.

Jennette knows that even Athanasia truly cares for her, like a friend, but is that all? There's still a line between them that she can't cross, and her father, the Emperor, is still far from her. 

Would she be greedy if she wants someone like Lady Dianne by her side?

"If I become a commoner then..." Jennette stopped thinking.

"What am I thinking? Lady Dianne has a family..." Jennette uttered while looking outside of her window. "If my sister and my father find out the truth, I am sure that they will love me as well..." She said while glancing at the bracelet in her hand. 

She might be too optimistic but she could only hope for this one thing.

Jennette let out a soft smile. "That's right, I just need to do my best." She laid down on her bed while staring at the ceiling. "But it's not bad to become friends with the warm lady."

That night, Jennette had a beautiful dream. It was a dream where Athanasia, Claude, and her finally became a family. She also saw Lady Dianne and the Gentleman in her dream. Everyone was happy and there was a warm atmosphere surrounding them.

It was a beautiful dream indeed.

Little did she know, a piece of shocking news will come out tomorrow.


It was a bright morning for everyone. The sky has a lively color that Jennette was fond of looking for.

"The weather is nice," Jennette uttered. She was currently looking at the window. The young lady couldn't help but think about her beautiful dream. She placed her face at her palm. "I hope that the dream would come true."

'So I won't feel alone anymore'

Jennette stands up when she saw Ijekiel outside. She was about to call him but she suddenly remembered something. 

It was the conversation between her and Ijekiel, it never left in her mind. Although she could understand him.


'The feelings I have for the Princess... are a little different than the ones I have for you'

'The Princess is the most important person in my life right now... '

'More than anyone else'

'Do you understand?'

After that conversation Ijikiel decided to avoid her, she tried to make a conversation with him like usual but he kept on avoiding her. "Ijekiel must really like the Princess," she uttered and there was no trace of jealousy on it.

But she felt alone.

She went to the settee once again and glanced at the window. "I like the princess as well," She said, then a small smile appeared on her lips. "If I tell the Princess that I am her sister. Maybe I can help Ijekiel on her..." She uttered.

While Jennette is busy collecting her thoughts, a voice from a man suddenly distracted her. She glanced at the door.

"Where is the master?" A man asked. Jennette quickly went out when she heard it. She glanced at the man who was wearing formal attire. "I have an urgent news for His Grace, It was about His Highness, the Emperor," He said.

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