-Chapter Thirteen-

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*Sigh* he almost here right now Alice's POV.

Alice your here right now well im happy to see you again.

Oh yeah same too I'm happy to see you again, well.. my boyfriend is going here to cause i never tell him earlier that I'm going here hehehe Alice said

Eh? Why you didn't tell him earlier and also I never know that you have a boyfriend right now and why did you never tell me that your already in relationship

Sigh.. but I'm sorry if I didn't tell to you

Hahaha its ok girl hahaha

Sigh please stop laughing about me you ok Alice said

Alice and her friend already inside the Flora Hotel

Well Alice I think that you really want to avoid me anymore, then you never tell me that you have met today...But Alice if I know again that you try me to avoid you have punishment for me Leo's POV

Well girl how's your life with your boyfriend it's fine?

It's fine but I'm not sure about him if he rather to hurt me and if he going cold to me Alice said

Don't worry girl I'm always here for you I never stay away for you ok Alice still remember that I said before the two friends are never far away each other and they always close each other

Yeah your right Alice said

Leo's message Alice that what room she in

*Alice phone was ring*
Am wait a second someone texting me

*Wait Leo have message at me and she read Leo's message*

Am im in room 126 Alice replied in the message

Leo go to front desk and ask what direction the 126 room

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