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"I didn't fuck him at all!" A girl yells in the toilets.

I roll my eyes, calm the fuck down Jeez.

I wash my hands. Why is the water so cold? My hands almost fall off.

Nevermind, I'm exaggerating.

Like always.

"Yes you fucking did!" The man calls back. What does he even do in the lady toilets,

Go yell somewhere else

I get my hand under the machine and pull the paper that comes out. I dry my hands and throw the wad in the trash.

I take a lip gloss out of my bag, look in the mirror and apply it. I look at the arguing couple in the mirror. I think they are younger than me, the girl looks 18 and the boy 19 or maybe 20.

I open the door but stop when I hear a scream, I turn to see that the boy has her arm tight.

not on my watch,

"Hey!" I shout to get their attention, I look around the room. Ofcourse I'm the only one here.

The boy rolls his eyes and turns his head back.

I think he's high

just a guess,

Maybe I should get high again.

Catalina focus.

I let the door close and walk to the other side of the room.

I put my hand on his arm "I suggest you let go" He tilts his head and looks at me, "Mind your own problems"

"Right now this is my problem" I point to his hand.

"My problem is she cheated on me-"

"No i didn't" She pulls her arm away from his grip.

"See? She didn't" I pull her to my side.

He lets out a laugh that doesn't contain any humor. "Go act like a fucking slut somewhere else"

What have I done now? I still have all my clothes on and the last time I checked I certainly didn't flirt with him.

Ugh guys,

"I'm the boss's daughter so if you don't want to be thrown out I'd watch your words"

Yes I definitely lied.

But it worked, he rolled his eyes and looked away.

I take the unknown girl's hand and go outside the toilets "Are you okay?" I call above the music. she nods,

"Are you here with friends?" I hope so, otherwise she'll be here alone. I would ofcourse take her with me.

"Yeah i am" She points to a group of girls sitting at the bar. "Okay then, try to enjoy the rest of your night blondie" Yes i called her blondie, It fits her.

Duh, because she's blonde of course.


I turn around and she takes me in her arms "Thank you" A smile appears on my face and I put my arms around her. "No need to thank me"

"Hey Ashley come on!" One of her friends yells at her.

A giggle escapes from my mouth "Go" I pushed her to her friend.

I watched her walk away and smiled at the sight,

God my kids are getting old so fast. I winked a tear away.

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