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Ellie Rose ~

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Ellie Rose ~

I took a sip of my champagne while having some chit chat with a circle of woman I bumped into a few minutes ago. I could felt Mason's eyes on me all the time. Even Matteo and Antonio also keeping their eyes on me like I'm a baby. Seriously?

"Excuse me" I said to the circle of woman and made my way towards Mason who's talking with Antonio with his hands inside his suit pant pocket. He looked up at me and a grinned tugged on his lips.

"Hey bella" He mumbled wrapping his strong arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. "You guys are keeping eyes on me and it's making me feel really uncomfortable" I murmured playing with his tie.

"I know baby but it's for your safety. Anything could happened here" he kissed my cheek. "And I've to keep you safe first"

I glanced at Antonio with pout.

"I'm sorry Ellie but It's Mason's order" Antonio shrugged.

I wrapped my arms around Mason's neck and buried my face at the crook of his neck suddenly feeling my eyes getting heavier. "Just few minutes more love than we'll go back home" Mason mumbled kissing my cheek. I hummed tiredly.

"I think she's drunk" I heard Antonio chuckling. "Yeah I saw her having four glass of champagne" Mason replied running his fingers through my hair. I opened my mouth to speak but suddenly the lights went off and Mason's gripped on my waist got tightened. My eyes got widened when I heard the womans screaming. "Shit, they're here" I heard Antonio saying to Mason. I tightly closed my eyes when mason slowly carefully walked us in a corner. It was so dark that I couldn't see anything as the woman screaming and fear filled the room.

"Ellie, Are you okay?" Mason asked Kissing my temple. I slowly nodded. "Mason we've to get out of here before they find you and Ellie" Antonio said. I was so scared that I couldn't uttered a word. "Ellie" Mason cupped my face when the lights come back but it was dim light. "Stay here. Don't dare to move until I tell you to, okay?" He asked. He sound almost out of breathe. I nodded and he kiss my lips softly.

"I love you" he pecked my forehead and before I could replied he pulled away from me. I watched as Mason pulled out a gun from his waistband with Antonio following his action. I looked around covering my ears when the gun shot sound filled the room. I slide down the wall tightly closing my eyes.

Mason.. Please stay safe..

Few minutes passed and everything got silent. I slowly opened my eyes when I couldn't hear gun shots and woman screams. I felt as my heart stopped when I saw people lifelessly laying on the floor with blood around them. I slowly stood up wiping the tears that rolled down my cheeks.

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