Issue #12: brutal

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"How are you holding up?" I asked Blackfire. We had just gotten done taking care of her and Rick who was now resting on a couch. Blackfire wasn't all that damaged, her bullet wounds were actually mostly just bruises and minor cuts that you would get from a scrape on the sidewalk except for one strange through and through from a lucky shot. We covered up the major cuts with bandaids and then wrapped up the bullet wound with a bigger bandage.

"Don't pretend to care, meatbag. I already told you I was fine before." She responded.

"Wrong M word there, Slavefire. Besides, I'm not pretending to care I need you to be in peak condition if we're gonna make it out alive."

"You mean if you're gonna make it out alive."

"That would make me a shitty leader wouldn't it if I didn't try to make sure all of us made it out of here alive, wouldn't it?" I asked.

"Yo, it's getting real late. What's the plan so I can crash?" Terra asked.

"Someone get cranky when they're sleepy?" I asked her.

"Eat shit."

"Well I doubt it'll be long before the nukes go flying now so we'll probably have to act quickly. I say we sleep now and then search for directions to the nearest town." I said.

"And where exactly are we sleeping?" Blackfire asked.

"Well obviously theres some sort of bed here for that couple and obviously I'm sleeping in it."

"Like hell you are!" Terra refuted.

"You wanna take this to a vote again?" I tilted my head in a mocking way. Terra sucked her teeth and crossed her arms to pout. "Don't worry, I'm a kind leader. I'll be so gracious as to let one of you sleep in the bed with me as I'm sure it was meant for two." I joked thinking they wouldn't take me up on the offer.

"Well it sure beats sleeping on the floor and it'll be better than sleeping on the slabs of rock that they call beds at that lame-o prison. No offense, Tear." Blackfire said.

"One, I'm not an actual rock dumbass, why would I take offense to that? Two, don't call me Tear ever again. Three, ew, gross, you're actually going to sleep with him?" Terra held up a finger for each point she made. I was waiting for Blackfire to come up with an excuse for sharing the bed with me but it never came.

"And where are you sleeping, doll?" I asked Terra.

"Don't call me that either! And I don't know, since Major Moron is crashing on the couch I'll just sleep in the bathtub or something."

"Why not just make soldier boy sleep on the ground? Not like he needs to be there." Blackfire suggested.

"Because I sleep naked and I don't want Private over here waking up and looking at my privates." Terra pushed open the door that she assumed led to the bathroom only for it to lead into a spare bedroom. "Oh shit. Would you look at that. Wait if that's here, where are the bathrooms in this shithole?"

"No we aren't in the shithole, where looking for one." I joked.

"Oh fuck off." I walked into my bedroom and saw a bathroom inside to the right. The bed was in the middle of the room and to the left of it was a huge dresser. Each side of the bed had its own nightstand. Terra peaked in behind me. "You're kidding. The only bathroom is in your room?" Terra asked. "So every time I wanna take a whiz I gotta pass you two?"

"Looks like it for tonight at least." I shrugged. "Well, looks like we've got a lot of shit ahead of us. I'll see you in the morning and you in a couple seconds. Goodnight."

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