5|| Mommy Issues

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I woke up to someone running their fingers through my hair

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I woke up to someone running their fingers through my hair. I sighed at the feeling. Slowly blinking my eyes open I turned around to see Violet staring down at me.

"Hey" she whispered and I groaned stretching out my hands and pushing myself off the bed and crossing my legs facing her.

"Hey" I smiled and I looked around looking for Lilo.

"He's downstairs eating" Violet said and I nodded my head.

"I'm guessing dad told you?" I questioned and she nodded her head.

"Yeah, he called when the letter came and told me where you guys were" Violet explained and I stared at the ceiling.

"Av it's not your fault" Violet said sincerely and I shook my head.

"I know, what I don't know is why she is going through all these lengths to make us feel bad" I said and she looked at me not saying anything. It didn't make any sense to me. She died years ago yet stuff she left is biting us in the ass.

"She's just an ass" Violet sighed and I nodded my head in agreement. She wasn't just an ass, she was a manipulative woman with a victim complex and a problem for everything that anyone ever did.

"Yeah I know" I laughed and a smile found it's way on her lips. I loved how we both managed to smile through situations.

"Come on they should be back any minute now" Violet said grabbing my arm and pulling me up off the bed.

Dragging me down the stairs she kept a firm grip on my hand. I winced at the tightness but I kept a straight face not muttering a word. She looked overly excited and I knew it's because of how beautiful the house was.

"This place is-" she began

"huge" I finished her sentence and she laughed running into the big ass kitchen. Why the kitchen was so big is beyond me.

"Girl you could make a 10 course meal in here!" she shouted and I cringed at the echo.

"Violet maybe don't stand on the people counter" I said and she ignored me still standing on the counter I'm sure they are going to eat on later tonight. Violet reached her hand up to touch the ceiling and as her finger grazed the front door opened and she jumped down from the counter and sat on one of the stools. I quickly turned around and opened the fridge door pretending I'm looking for some thing.

"What are you girls doing?" Uncle Jaden questioned and I closed the fridge door to look at him. Behind him three men including Ace and two women walked in and all of them except Ace sat on the stools around the gigantic counter.

"Avery this is Matteo, Alya, Louis, Kina and Java" Ace introduced and I immediately recognized them from the warehouse. Alya smiled at me and I smiled back at her. I noticed Matteo giving Violet little side glances like the one you would give your secret crush in middle school.

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