Can't Believe I Pulled The Trigger

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Susan's POV

I walked back towards the car and climb in sitting in the middle waiting for Derek to finish with my mum. I couldn't help but feel confused as to why i shot Max, i thought i was starting to love him again. He was so sweet to me last night and i could feel all my old feelings coming back. Thinking back to last night it made my stomach turn, he was the same Max i fell in love with all those years ago. 

Closing my eyes i feel tears sliding down my face, how could i take his life away from him? he's actually gone and i was the one who killed him, i pulled the trigger and killed him! A part of me was horrified that i killed him but another part of me was thankful, he finally was out of my life completely, i just wish it wasn't death which caused me to be free from him. I am just as bad as Max he tortured people and played mind games to get them to bow down to his every wish but i am cold blooded killer. My eyes are stinging from all the crying i am doing. i just feel like such a terrible person. my mum is going to be so disapointed in me and Derek he's going to give me the worst punishment yet, i killed his brother. What if his punishment is sexual, he could have his way with me and i'd be defenceless against him. More hot tears are streaming down my face, i'm so scared to find out my punishment for killing his brother. What if he kills me? Or my mum? 

As my thoughts go crazy about what my punishment could be i hear footsteps coming towards the back door. I quickly wipe my face and remove all the loose tears. Derek comes into view with my mum in his arms, her leg was bandaged up. I moved over to the far side of the car to hide my face out of view so Derek couldn't see my face clearly. He reaches in a places my mum's head on my lap. I give a small smile. He climbs out the car and closes the door. I look down towards my mum, a smile forms on my face. I've truly missed my mum, feel like i haven't spent time with her in ages although i saw her earlier being hurt by Derek while playing his stupid question games. Why was he even bothered if i did gain feelings for Max, he's not intrested in me. Is he? 1no i'm just being stupid! I lean against the door and rest my head on the window and allowing the comfort of sleep to over take me. 

Derek's POV

After saying my final goodbyes to my brother and packing up the rest of house, i walk back out towards the car and put the boxes in the boot. After locking the door to the house and climbing into the front seat, i turn towards the back seat to see Susan fast asleep leaning against the window, she looks so peaceful, i really hope she can forgive me for everything. As soon as we get to our new home i will tell her everything she to wants to know and show her all the evidence i have. I just hope she can learn to like me, not love as i know that going to take time.

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