Chapter 13ish?

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I just really wanted to write this I'll continue the story line dw and relationship abuse it's where Xiao asks about Albedo!!
Xiao sighed sitting down on the couch. "Xiao Xiao! What are we gonna watch?!" "Uh I dunno you chose" "Ok uhh how abouutttt The Society" "The society?" "Yup it's a good show" "You've watched it already?" "No I haven't I just don't want to sit here trying to choose a show" "Ok then we'll watch it"
After getting past episode six Xiao was completely annoyed from Venti's crying. "Venti this isn't even that sad we can watch somethings else if this upsets you this much." "No no I'm fine it's just sad she lost her parents then her sister" "It's 2 am let's go to bed" "No way I wanna watch " "Ok then don't start crying again then,please?" Venti nodded his head cuddling next to Xiao. "Oh and I'm waking you up early for school tomorrow then" "You and I both know that isn't gonna happen" "Sure it isn't".Xiao didn't want to say it but he was extremely uncomfortable in there current position but he could tell Venti was happy so he didn't say anything about it.
"Hey Xiao" "Hm?" "Will you ever marry me?" "In the future sure" "How far into the future?" "Like 80 years maybe" "80 years?! Xiao I'm being serious" "Alright how about five years maybe" "Five years? Sayu would be in the sixth grade right?" "Look at you doing math" "I do math" "Not when you're teacher is telling you" "I hate Campbell" "He's real abusive towards poor Elle" Xiao looked at Venti for a second.
"Ven can you tell my something?" Venti sat up and looked at Xiao "You've never called me Ven before is something wrong?" "Can you tell me more about you and Albedo's relationship?" "Right now?" "Sure if you want to"
"Ok then we'll it wasn't really my choice to date him it was like how we started dating, it was all just rumors but then when I tried denying them people got furious so I had no choice but to date him" "And I lied to you I lied to you right in front of your face and I had Kazuha lie to your family" "About what?" "Summer camp wasn't the last time I saw Kazuha in fact I never went to summer camp Kazuha and I we were always close friends since we were little we lived next door but when the rumors of Albedo and I came up I was still really close with Kazuha at the time and I knew Albedo from school he was still extremely rude and pushy and I was honestly scared of him so I always stayed close to Kazuha but of course the fact I was supposed to be dating Albedo and was avoiding him started a new rumor,I was cheating on Albedo. And even though he knew Kazuha and I were just friends but he fed onto the rumors spreading lies"
"So Albedo almost ruined your career?" Venti nodded his head "Almost like that yes. After I finally got the rumors situated I had to go to Albedo to make sure no more chaos would stir up he,he made sure I'd never decide to leave him again" "By abusing and manipulating you?" "Yea pretty much" "And he knew about your parents as well?" "Yup" "Ok I can tell you're not happy with talking about this so I'm just gonna ask one last question okay?" Venti nodded his head "About Kazuha why did you get so exited to see him if you two were still talking and seeing each other?" "He got arrested" "Arrested?" "He and my dad got into a fight after he learned what was happening to me and got arrested" "How long ago?" "About three years maybe" "That long? Just for fighting?" "My dad made it seem like Kazuha attempted to murder him" "Wow so all of that I'm the spam one what two years?" "Mhm but it doesn't matter now because Kazuha is with Aether and I'm here safe with you, and Sayu woke up" "For fucks sake" Venti giggled as Xiao stood up and walked to Sayu. "And how did you wake up missy?" "Uhh magic" "Magic?" "Yup" "Alright then how about we use magic to put you back to bed?" "Wait I wanna help put Sayu to bed this time" Venti quickly walked over to Xiao and Sayu and followed them into the room.
Venti was happy with him life but who knows they've been happy for so long something is bound to go wrong right?

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