Chapter 15

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I was scared for her. She was tough but against Carlos? She was hardly trained enough. Mainly because she wants to stay away from the Mafia life. I can't blame her. I've been trying to run from it too. From the one I used to work for.

I haven't told Genesis about that. It's a long story.

My thoughts are consumed on the car ride back.

I've been on the run from the non morto cremisi (The Crimson Undead) ever since I got hired to work for the Sangue azzurro. ( The Azure Bloods)
I found out they were Human trafficking and they wanted me to be an escort for the kidnapped Women and Men to be sold into slavery. I knew if I said no they would kill me. They even warned me that they would. So I packed up and ran.

I look at Genesis and she's looking out the window. A perfect angle to see all the developing bruises. I'm going to kill him. And I would make sure of it.

I guess she felt my gaze on hers because she turned to look at me. She gives me a 'don't worry about me' look.

I sigh and turn away from her. The more I look at her the more angry I get about what happened.

I got pulled aside by her father. He told me that he would retire me from Genesis after she got married to the douche.

Apparently the Salvatore's have a lot more money then the Carreras. But I guess after this deal of the marriage, the Carreras will inherit more money from the Salvatores and the Salvatore's will inherit more weapons.

Which means more body guards for her. That won't be me.

Finally we arrive back. It's pitch black outside except for the lighted pathway and the lights outside the huge house.

I get out first and make sure it's clear to escort Genesis into the house.

I open her door and she places her hand in mine.

I take her upstairs to her room. I watch her slip off her dress to reveal her lingerie.

She crawls into her bed.

I sigh and sit down in the chair placed by her bed.

"He won't hurt me anymore after this. My dad will know. And maybe he'll let me out of the arrangement." She says.

"I don't think so. Your father is extremely set on this wedding." I reply.

She sighs and turns away from me.

"Gen. I have um. Something to tell you." I mumble.

"What?" She whispers. She sounds half asleep.

"I'll tell you later." I say look at her.

"Mmkay." She mumbles.

She drifts off to sleep.

I fumble with my bag. I start to undo my bow tie. I take off my jacket and belt. I shove it into my bag and sit back down.

She's so quiet when she sleeps. A lot different then the people I used to work for.

I cringe at the thought of them finding me.

I'm such an idiot. I'm practically putting everyone here in danger because of that.

After I ran from the non morto cremisi I had my background check wiped so no one would know or find me by looking me up.

I stand up. I begin to pace around the room at the thought of it.

What if they find me and murder her? They will kill anyone to get information about me if I ran from here.

Would it be best if I left to protect her and her family? No. Then I would be leaving her to Carlos.

A straight up asshole that only wants her as an arm candy.

I know they are looking for me. It's only a matter of time before they come here. And hurt people.

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