Chapter 18

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Narrators Pov


She couldn't get the look on his face out of her mind. Out of all the shocked faces in the room, his was different

As if regretting something so terrible it pushed him back into cold blank lockers of sorrow

And what shocked her most is how he didn't bother to look at her throughout the whole lesson

It was as if he was trying to hide something, something that could tear him to shreds. That was eating him on the inside without remorse

But he just wouldn't say

The shrill ring of the bell snapped Liv out of her train of thoughts. She slowly bent down taking her bag from the chair

She was about to stand when she felt a presence behind her. But before she could stand, a hand yanked her up by her skirt

"Watch it, your skirts too short for you to be bending, and for God's sakes take the gun from your waist." A familiar voice growled from behind her

With an eye roll, Liv turned around to face the source of her thoughts

"Shut up Ace" She hinted before taking her bag fully and walking off in the direction of the bathroom

As soon as she reached the bathroom she immediately took Ace's opinion and placed her gun in her boots

Liv quickly did a once over brushing a stray strand of hair out of her face with a slight puff of air

"Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in"

Oh, the sweet high pitched croaky voice of a stuck-up bitch Liv so longed to hear, bringing blood and tears to her ears, if that even was possible but you get me. You do right?

The tall frame of a woman appeared behind Liv in the mirror placed against the bathroom walls

"Good to see you too Bianca" Liv let out a fake smile

A loud chuckle sounded from the blonde that stood behind Liv, cackling in all her glory

Liv classified her as nothing more than a she-devil that came to wreak havoc. But coming in a form without horns

"Long time no see Liv, what brings you back here. Your little man whores forgot to pay you You're monthly?" Bianca snickered

Liv rolled her eyes with a slight suck of her teeth. With a soft puff, she turned to face the blonde that stood behind her

she was about to reply to Bianca with a snarky remark but she noticed something, "where're your minions?" 

"oh those useless things, I dumped them the day you went on vacation"

Vacation? what

"What do you mean the day I went on vacation"

"I mean the day you went on vacation, two years ago?"

Liv just furrowed her brows looking at Bianca

"To Bahama" the blonde finished

Something didn't add up, and Liv knew for a fact so she just stayed quiet and decided to investigate it later on

"Anyways I don't have time to be wasted on such a low life as you"Bianca smirked while turning and walking right out the door of the bathroom

I don't get it. Vacation? this must be Dad's doing, but then again why were there missing posters of me. Ugh this all is confusing

Liv let out a loud groan before taking her things and walking off the direction of the cafeteria

The place that brought so many memories to her, but not the good kind. The tragic kind

As she stepped foot into the cafeteria all heads snapped in her direction, whispered started going around as students gossiped about her

I heard she ran away from home

Well you heard wrong, I heard her parents sent her away on vacation after she was exposed for having sex with multiple men about two years ago

I bet she still does

Snickers were shared among the students as they shared their daily gossip about Liv, trying to inflict her life with false accusations and causes

"Watch it loser," A squeaky voice said before pushing her into the nearest wall

Laughs were heard around as Liv was pushed into the wall and fell to the ground. The laughs of students who had never experienced bullying a day in their life, yet they wanted to laugh at others pain as if it was a comedy show to them

Liv got flashbacks, the same school the same position she was in right now. Crying on the floor while her so-called brother and sister threw punches after punches at her. Except this time she wasn't gonna let them do the same nor was she going to cry

She stood from the ground and looked at the person who decided it was a good idea to push her into the wall

There stood Bianca hand on hips with a smirk plastered on her face 

Liv marched over to Bianca and delivered a quick punch to her face, but she didn't stop there. She kept throwing punch after punch and not one single person dared to intervene

the could only watch the scene in front of them because of the high fear of being beaten just like that

"Liv stop it shes practically passed out right now," someone said griping Liv off of the passed out blonde on the floor


Hidden Pov

She's changed a lot from the last time I saw her, more vicious, fierce

I like it, she's out for revenge. But revenge is gonna hit her before she gets it. I'll make sure it does

I'm gonna tear her precious little world apart piece by piece. I'm gonna let her watch each and everyone she has ever loved die, right in front of her

I'll break her I promise that. I'm gonna break her just as I broke Damon but even worse

I have the cards to her heart and I'm gonna tear it to shreds as soon as I finish playing it. She's gonna wish she never came back here

Kill her

just like I did to Damon and just as I'm gonna do to that little burden of hers

She will be mine again, even if I have to kill everyone around her including her daughter, just to get her back

You will be mine again Liv or should I say




Ugh this stupid hidden person better not come between my ship🙄 

anyways who do you think is the hidden person?

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