A New Beginning

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Derek's POV 

After a long two hour drive to our new home, we finally pulled up to the gates. I entred the passcode and the gates opened up. I drove to the front of the house and parked and the bottom of all the staires leading up to the house. 

Climbing out the car, i walk up the staires to unlock the door. Turning off the alarm, i walked back down the staires towards the car. I opened the back door and a smile instantly came across my face seeing Susan sound asleep still. It was now late afternoon suprised she slept so long to be honest. I lean down to the car and gently shook Sarah, she sat up ever so gently to not wake her sleeping daughter. I helped her out the car and up the staires towards the livingroom. "Can i get you a drink or anything Sarah" she looks at me smiling "it's okay Derek, if it's okay i'll just help myself while you go get Susan" I nodded my head a pointed in the direction of the kitchen. "Of cource, make yourself at home, its right down the corridor on the right" she slowly stands up, ensuring she has her balance before heading in the direction of the kitchen. I definetly see where Susan gets her indpedance from. 

Heading back to the car i see Susan is already awake and looking around. She's always been so curious. As i reach the bottom steps she climbs out the car. Her eyes land on me, after a while her gaze drops to the floor and she looks frightened which caused me to feel hurt in my chest. Why she frightened?

Susan's POV   

I feel a breeze against my legs which made me shiver. Slowly waking up i relise my mum was gone and the back door was wide open. Sitting up i groan from the pain in my neck which is sore from sleeping on the car window. Starting to shuffle out the car i hear footsteps, once i'm out the car i look to see Derek standing towards the front of the car. 

I relise i'm looking straight into his eyes so i drop my gaze to the floor. Thinking back to eaarlier it comes across my head that i haven't recived my punishment yet. I can feel the fear rising in me. i have to apoligise maybe then i won't get punished as bad. "Derek, I'm sorry" he started walking towwards me i was to scared to move incase it made it worse "i really didn't mean to" he reached infront of me, he raised his hand and i started to tremble, closing my eyes waiting for the hit. I felt i soft touch to my cheek, opening my eyes i see Derek gently rubbing my face with his thumb. ;

Derek's POV

It hurt me to think i was going to hit her for no reason but could i honestly blame her. Max did that to her everyday while she was in his control. She's free from him now and i won't ever hurt her again, i never liked to in the first place but i had to, too please my brother or else he would punish her. while i was rubbing her soft cheek which was wet from her tears i could feel her slowly calm. "Susan you've done nothing wrong, yea you shot my brother but you saved my life beacuse he was going to shoot me. I'm the only one here who should be saying Sorry. Sorry for the past months you've had to put up with Max and sorry for hurting you myself. I never wanteed to hurt you but i felt that if i didn't show Max i was punishing you to some extent he would have done it on my behalf and i didn't want that beacuse i never saw you needed to be punished." Staring into her eyes i stopped rubbing her cheek and cupped her face. " I am truely sorry Susan" she closed her eyes getting rid of the rest of the tears brimming in her eyes. She gave me a small smile.  "I won't you to be able to trust me Susan, i have evidence that Max stood me up with my ex and i'll show it you. Once we are settled" she knodded her head. She must be freezing out here. I quickly take my jacket off wrapping it around her. She hugs into it to get warm. She looks so hot in my clothes. "Come on lets get you inside and warm" I signal for her to give me her hand and she hesitates but gives me her hand. I lead her up the staires and towards the kitchen to where he mum is. I turn to look at her and i can see her admiring the detail and decoration of the house. We walk into the big, open kitchen and as soon as Susan see's her mum she lets go of my hand and runs to her. i take a seat on the ireland and watch as they both hug and cry "mum, your okay! I've missed you so much. I'm so sorry".

Sarah's POV (Susan's Mum POV)

I see my daughter come into view in the entry of the kitchen and as soon as she kisses me she comes running into my arms. Oh i missed her so much. I'm so glad were finally free from the dread, awful Max. I knew from the start he was bad news. "mum, your okay! I've missed you so much. I'm so sorry" i squeeze her tight "oh sweetheart, this wasn't your fault. I'm just glad your safe from him now" she pulls away from me and i dry her face from all the tears. "Do you want a hot drink, your freezing" she slowly knods her head. " go sit down and i'll make you a drink. What drink would you like?" she thinks for a moment. This is my daughter taking forever just  to pick what she usually has. "I'll have a hot choclate please mum" i smile as i knew she'd choos that. I head in the direction of the cups "Derek would you like a drink too" i turn to see him smiling at my daughter, he trully likes her. "I'll have the same. If Susan would like cream and mashmellows their in the fridge and that cupbored there" i turn to my daughter who has a huge smile on her face "that sounds amazing, yes please mum" i laugh and start to make thier drinks. 

Derek's POV

While Sarah was making drinks, i couldnt keep my eyes off Susan, she looked more relaxed and happy now. I looked down and noticed she had goosebumps. "Susan your clothes are all still packed in the car but would you like me to go get one of my hoodies" she turned towards me, still smiling "Yes pplease Derek, if that's okay" i smile and stand up "of cource it's okay that's why i aksed" I turn to leave the kitchen and head towards my bedroom, i could have quite easilly gone to the cra and looked through a bag for her own jumper or hoodie but i prefer her in my clothes. As i entred my bedroom i forgot how it looked as it had been that long since coming here. I walk over to my wardrobe and pick my black plain hoodie with just a small logo on which i thought would look very cute on Susan, she's small so it will defiently look over sized on her. Smiling i make my way back down staires. Entering the kitchen i see Susan waiting for her hot chocolate to cool down. "Here Susan, hopefull this will warm you up" she stands up taking my thin jacket off and swaping me for the hoodie. She pulls it over her head and strightens it. she tuns towards me with her cute, innocent smile. "Thank you, Derek. I'm Feeling warm already" i smile in return and go to sit beside her "your very welcome" i turn towards my hot chocolate and take a sip. Woah this is some amazing hot chocolate, how come when i make it, it doesn't taste this good. "Woah sarah this hot choclate is really good" she laughs and thanks me. 

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