As Good as dead.

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Guangzhou - China

It's been about three days since I left Sharon's.

"I can't tell you anything more. Sharon you have to understand, me telling you would drag you into the shit that is happening. And if you get involved, I know Steve and Nat and Sam, maybe even my sister, will try and go after me. If they ask, I need you to say nothing. Tell them that I need to do this on my own. Please."

Sharon lowered her head to look at the ground. "Ok. But you need to keep yourself safe. Kid, look at me."  My water eyes met her gaze. "You tell no one where you go. You talk to no one, look at no one, Keep your ears out, Find some way of getting money, Steal it if you have to. Take the gun, you know how to use it. Hotwire an old car, don't stay in one place for more that two days and most importantly, don't you dare stop." Sharon placed the spare pistol on the table before standing up. She wrapped her arms around me, allowing me to cry for a few seconds.

"Thank you." I whispered, pulling away and putting the gun in the back pocket of my jeans. I turned around, leaving without another word.

Now I'm doing exactly what she told me to. I managed to sneak on a ship to Singapore before hot wiring an old car out of the urban state.

Several days pass of driving, just me alone with my thoughts. Bad idea.

How much nicer this drive would be if Jane was with me. Just me and her, the sounds of her laughter would fill the air. Her laughter once brought me joy. Now without it, I'm as good as dead.

Now I think of it, I might as well have been dead for a while. Nobody knows where I am, I doubt I know fully where I am, somewhere in China I think.

I plan on getting out of Asia in the next few hours. Find a way to get to the New York sanctum. Maybe there's an easier way rather than just hopping on a ship to New York.

"There is an easier way, you're right." The familiar voice of The Ancient One said coming from the passenger seat beside me.

Keeping me eyes on the empty road in front of me, I spoke. "Yeah? And what might that be?"

"Go to the Honk Kong Sanctum. It has direct connections to the New York sanctum where you will find your answers." Within seconds of telling me, the Ancient one disappeared.

"Fuck!" I yelled, slamming both my hands on top of the steering wheel to let out my frustration.

You know, you really shouldn't get so angry over small things. It will only give me more power.

"I'm starting to believe thats what I might need in this moment.  I might actually need to use you to get through this. I feel like Ross isn't too far behind, maybe more of Hydra too."

Hydra would be mad to send any more to face us, they are short on followers as it is. Every pawn is valuable. But, I do agree with you. You might need to let me out if things get ugly.

I scoffed. "I won't be letting you out. Last time I did that I pulled a Klaus Mikaelson."

Are we talking about his hybrid massacre in Mystic Falls or the vampire massacre in the French Quarter? Because either would have made me look badass.

"For a non-human entity that is supposed extremely morally grey and sadistic, you certainly have a way with humour Void."

Technically, all of them emotions are yours. I just feed them the darkness they require to flourish.

Turning my gaze around the empty city road in front of me, the dark night scatters stars in sparkling patterns. Something tells me that we should find somewhere to spend the night, but I will not let myself get ambushed because I couldn't start the car quick enough.

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