He's returned!

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Susan's POV

Waking up i relised i'm in bed but looking down i relise im only in a bra and underwear. I tried to move that's when i relised i am handcuffed to the bed by my wrists and ankles. I started to panic. Whats happening i thought i was in the living room with Derek. I heard footsteps coming this way. "Derek what's going on" the door flys open but it's not Derek. I don't understand, i thought i killed him. "oh Susan did you really think it was that easy to get rid of me" he started laughing louder and louder. The closer he walked towards me the more scared i got. "Please Max i didn't mean to" he walked towards my face and started to stroke it "You really think i'd believe you" in one quick movement he grabbed my head and pushed my head back. I screamed in agony. "ohhh Your going to be punished like never before and i'm going to enjoy ever second of it" i started crying louder and louder "pleasee Max i'm so sorry. It won't ever happen again" he didnt even reply. His fist came in contact with my face, i could feel blood coming form my busted lip. I watched as he went to the end of the bed and slowly traced his fingers down my inner leg, sending shivers down my whole body. As he reached the end of the bed he grabbed my thighs spreading them apart. No he can't do this, he won't surley. "MAX please anything but this!!" He grinned "Oh but Susan, you are mine and i can do as i wish. You tried to kill me. It's only fair i make you suffer" tears streaming down my face. I need him to stop. I need Derek to come save me from his brother. "DEREK" that earns me another punch in the face. I don't care at this point the more he hits me the less he can touch me. "DEREK PLEASE" that didn't stop him through he slit my legs open and gripped my underwear with his finger, slowly pulling them down. 

Derek's POV

I am all of a sudden woken by shouting. I checked the time, It's 3:26Am who is shouting. I get out of bed to hear Susan shouting "DEREK PLEASE" i race into her room but she's asleep, i think. She's moving around the bed like crazy. "Please Max, Don't rape me. Please beat me instead" Oh god she's having a nighmare. I run over eto her side and try wake her. "Susan come on you need to wake up. It's all a dream. I'm here" she's still having her nightmare. I try shake her again, it hurts so much to see her like this. "Max stop, stop. It's so painful. I'll do anything. Just please stop. I'll be yours. I won't fight you no more" tears flooding out her eyes. What has my brother done to this innocent girl. I shake her again and again. "Susan, come on. Wake up. You need to wake up" I shake her more focefully and he eyes shoot open. She sits up holding herself. She's Trembling with fear. It's so hard to watch. "Susan look at me, i'm right here next to you. I'm not going to let anything happen to you". She turns to face me. I pull her into a hug and she allows me to comfort her, i rub her back while she cries in my shoulder. "It was so horrible" she cries out. I continue to rub her back softly "no one can ever harm you again. Your safe" She squeezes me tighter. "I'm right here" here breathing calms and she slowly starts to relax again. I pull away from the hug and look into her watery eyes. I carefully wipe away her tears. "try go back to sleep, it's still really early in the morning" she knods her head and starts to lie back down. I stand, give her a small kiss on the forehead and turn towards the door "Derek" i turn back around and see Susan sitting up on her elbows "yea" she looked down to the bed and back up to me "please don't leave me, stay. I'm too scared to sleep alone" Oh Susan, you really know how to make me happy. "of cource, i'd be happy to" more like i'd be thrilled, my heart was racing, she asked for me to join her in bed. I know i'm getting excited over a one time thing but i'm seriously falling in love with her, she makes me so happy. 

I go round to the empty side of the bed and climb in keeping my distance so she don't feel i'm taking advantage of this moment. Once i was comfy in bed, lying down i turned the light off on the wall.  I felt Susan shuffling and din't relise what she was doing until i felt her arse come against my Dick. Dont get a boner, was all i could think about. Wrapping my arm around her stomach, i fell into a peaceful sleep with her in my arms. Couldn't be more happy.

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