Chapter Six

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Paisley's Point of View

"Please tell me he's going to be okay!" Lana stood beside Stephan and I, while screaming at the doctor who had a stethoscope hanging from his neck while white powdered gloves stuck to his fingers like a second layer of skin. Lana's eyes were bloodshot red and her face was puffy from all the crying she had did.

"Ma'am, he is going to be okay." The doctor said calmly and ended his words off with a genuine smile.

"You sure?" Stephan chimed in looking for reassurance while his forehead was plastered up. His facial expressions didn't give off any signs of him being worried about Toby but I knew that he was. I could tell that he was a master at hiding his emotions.

"Yes I'm positive young man, I am a doctor after all and do remember to clean your wounds Stephan." The doctor spoke and his words caused Stephan to nod. Stephan then placed his hand on the small of my back sending pure bliss through my body from his touch and then he directed me to the row of chairs in the waiting area. Ian, Lana's boyfriend sat there patiently chewing banana flavored gum while waiting for his girlfriend to return to his side.

"You okay?" Stephan asked me, sitting in the brown wooden armchair beside me while Ian sat three seats away, lost in a world of his own as he daydreamed while holding his head up with his hand.

"Yeah I'm okay. Are you?" I asked him as I reached for his rough strong hand and held it as he allowed me to. The boy who had blood streaming from his forehead, while his best friend was unconscious and had almost gotten killed by a lunatic had asked me if I was okay.

"I'm always okay." He smiled. "Blueberry, let's be on our way." He added and lifted himself from the wooden seat and I followed. Lana was still speaking to the doctor and I wasn't sure what about, but her hands motioned around her in fast movements as she spoke her words.

"Lana, I'm leaving. I need to get some rest and I need to take Blueberry home. Keep me updated." He said as she turned to face us and then he leaned over to kiss her softly on her swollen cheek.

"Okay Steph, drive safe and Paisley it was nice meeting you." She grinned and then Stephan and I waved to Ian as he sat in the same position we had found him in. He then returned our greeting with a pop of his yellow gum.

God knows what that meant but we had decided to take it as a goodbye.

The hospital glass doors slid open as the sensor had picked up our movement. It was cold and windy outside, the weather had changed drastically but we quickly found his car and then we had headed home.

"Definitely the most exciting first date I'd ever been on." He smirked while driving us home, steering his car.

"Date? So it was a date?" I smiled while he pulled his gaze quickly from the road and then over to me at the realization of his words. He then stared straight ahead and pressed his lips together while the sound of the wind wiping with force from outside of the car had grown louder.

"No this was not a date. Sorry for my bad word choice." He said trying to cover it up and shook his head as to get rid of the thought.

"Call it what you want but to me it was a date." I said confidently as my cellphone had vibrated. It was freaken 2am who the hell would message me now. My cellphone laid visible for both Stephan and I to see, and what I had read next in my mind had made Stephan burst out in laughter as he had read it too.

"So did you moan Mr. Grey into Stephan's ear while you guys had sex. Oh my god please tell me you guys did it." - Liv

"Mr. Grey?" His laugh had calmed down and now all that was left was a smug grin.

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